Bob Hansen

Infinite # 142531

Infinite Rating

∞ 807.24

Infinite Tournament Rating

∞ 804.37
Total Infinite Points 439
- Profile Points 90.00
- Add Course Points 0.00
- Add Layout Points 24.00
- Rounds Played Points 206.00
- Course Review Points 23.40
- Course Rating Points 24.00
- Top Discs Used Points 17.00
- Condition Updates 2.00
- Disc Review Points 52.70
- Referral Points 0.00
Avg. Course Review Rating

3.92 (Total Reviews:6)

Avg. Disc Review Rating

4.56 (Total Reviews:9)

Courses Played 18
Rounds Played 103
Holes Played 1443
Eagles 6 (0.42%)
Birdies 164 (11.37%)
Par's 824 (57.10%)
Bogeys 396 (27.44%)
Double Bogeys 48 (3.33%)
Triple Bogeys 5 (0.35%)
Penalty Strokes 2 (0.14%)
Basic Information
Biography: I started playing late June 2015. A friend of mine had been playing for about 2 years before he finally talked me into playing with him. Since then I try to play every day, weather permitting. I have introduced my 2 brothers to the sport as well. I try to hit as many new courses as I can, when I'm out of town I always look to find nearby courses. I have played a few tournaments and find them to be very fun and a nice challenge.
From: American Fork, Utah, U.S.A
Years Playing: 4 Skill Level: Intermediate
PDGA #: 106984 PDGA Rating: N/A
Primary Driving Style: Both Driving Hand: Right
Typical Driving Distance: 230 Max Driving Distance: 300
Additional Stats
Putting %:
Feet Makes Attempts % Hit
≤7 645 649 99.38%
10 342 403 84.86%
15 180 351 51.28%
20 75 396 18.94%
25 22 162 13.58%
30 12 77 15.58%
≥33 12 81 14.81%
Green Hit %: 39.21%
# of Aces: 0 (0.00%)
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Total NG Points: 36.00
Number of Events Played: 1

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Heat May 29 2016 1:15PM

a great disc for beginners. i purchased this disc to be a replacement for the innova dragon. i find the heat can take more power than the d ...

Avenger SS May 29 2016 1:06PM

i recently re-bought this disc in elite z plastic because i lost the first one i had to a river, was also one that i began throwing from day one whic ...

Vanish May 29 2016 12:54PM

i was very interested in trying out the vanish, now that i have one and have thrown it a lot i really like this disc for me and my power it is a ...

Creekside Park (Walter Frederick Morrison DGC) May 28 2016 11:44PM

One of my favorite courses. usually crowded with big groups which is not always a bad thing. features a wide variety of shots from wide-open park sho ...

Scera Park May 28 2016 10:45PM

A great short course for all skill levels. best played in the mornings for minimal pedestrians. kids and beginners should find this course enjoy ...

Rosecrest Park May 28 2016 10:26PM

a nice new course for any and all skill levels. great scenery. there are signs but very easy to navigate from hole to hole with painted directio ...

Daedalus May 16 2016 12:25PM

the newest addition to my bag. it took some getting used to but now after a few rounds throwing it, it has been more and more reliable. a slight s cu ...

Northman May 16 2016 12:18PM

Backhand drives i have not felt comfortable with since i've started throwing the northman in vip plastic it is now my go-to driver for backhand d ...

Buzzz May 16 2016 12:08PM

A must have for anyone, beginner and vetrans. i have been searching for a mid range that i can trust and the buzzzz will not let you down. feels grea ...

Truth May 9 2016 9:48PM

my absoulte favorite mid range disc. i have made several 50+ foot birdies since ive added it to my bag and its not ever coming out. i really love the ...

Judge May 9 2016 9:40PM

i can't say enough good things about this putter. to be honest putting is the worst part of my game. and now i feel a lot more comfortable, even ...

Valley Regional Park May 9 2016 5:59AM

a nice and easy curse to really hone in all of your shots from drives to putts lost my avenger ss to the creek just left of the hole on #6  ...

Art Dye Park May 8 2016 7:13PM

this is my home town couse. and the toughest one i've played.  ...

Dry Creek Trail Park May 8 2016 6:53PM

the fisrt course i played. i like to play either 1-6 or 7-12 again to make a full 18 hole round ...

Nuke SS May 8 2016 6:46PM

by far the best disc in my bag, and the longest. i need to add a couple more. ...


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