Kesler Martin

Infinite # 140412

Infinite Rating

∞ 1001.20

Infinite Tournament Rating

∞ 1013.71
Total Infinite Points 785
- Profile Points 77.00
- Add Course Points 0.00
- Add Layout Points 0.00
- Rounds Played Points 420.00
- Course Review Points 0.00
- Course Rating Points 0.00
- Top Discs Used Points 0.00
- Condition Updates 1.00
- Disc Review Points 287.00
- Referral Points 0.00
Avg. Course Review Rating

0.00 (Total Reviews:0)

Avg. Disc Review Rating

4.49 (Total Reviews:39)

Courses Played 32
Rounds Played 200
Holes Played 1563
Eagles 23 (1.47%)
Birdies 745 (47.66%)
Par's 640 (40.95%)
Bogeys 130 (8.32%)
Double Bogeys 21 (1.34%)
Triple Bogeys 4 (0.26%)
Penalty Strokes 72 (4.61%)
Basic Information
Biography: Hey! My name is Kesler and I really like disc golf! My pops took me out to the course when I was rather young and have been playing since. I didn't start playing competitively until I was about 21 years old. Since then I've played tons of tournaments with a few Open wins.
From: Logan, Utah, U.S.A
Years Playing: 12 Skill Level: Professional
PDGA #: 88497 PDGA Rating: 1002
Primary Driving Style: Backhand Driving Hand: Right
Typical Driving Distance: 420 Max Driving Distance: 450
Additional Stats
Putting %:
Feet Makes Attempts % Hit
≤7 113 113 100%
10 61 62 98.39%
15 64 66 96.97%
20 44 49 89.8%
25 25 44 56.82%
30 12 25 48%
≥33 19 52 36.54%
Green Hit %: 52.96%
# of Aces: 0 (0.00%)
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Total NG Points: 0.00
Number of Events Played: 0

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Czar Oct 3 2022 11:53AM

There are not too many discs these days that surprise however my first couple throws shocked me! My main distance driver is the Innova Wraith a ...

Era Mar 15 2022 12:55PM

The Finish Line Era is straight but controllable driver. You can release it flat for a long straight flight or flip it up for a quick straight f ...

2 Mil Zipping Plastic Bags Jun 30 2021 2:55PM

These bags are perfect! I bought the pack of 100. Any standard sized driver, mid or putter are suitable. I'm loving how my disc collection is no ...

Harpoon Mar 3 2021 10:55AM

The Harpoon is a great approach disc! I definitely agree it feels very similar to the Discraft Zone. It's been a while since I've thrown ...

Mockingbird Mar 3 2021 10:45AM

The Mockingbird was surprisingly a great flyer. Very straight and not too understable either. Very similar to a leopard or undertaker. The plast ...

Kesler Martin Signature S-Blend SPHINX Feb 18 2021 7:40PM

Probably the greatest stamp ever to grace an Infinite Discs Sphinx. ...

Anubis Feb 18 2021 11:57AM

Ah yes, the Anubis. What a fantastic disc! This is the mid range I use for super straight mid-range shots.  It can handle a good bit of torque b ...

Sphinx Feb 1 2021 10:36AM

Plastic: Metal Flake C-Blend The Metal Flake C-Blend is the most overstable version to date. Dont get me wrong, the Sphinx is not an overstable ...

Slab Feb 1 2021 10:23AM

This disc is going to be my new forehand distance driver because, it is flat, comfortable and has the right stablity fo ...

Centurion Feb 1 2021 10:02AM

The Metal Flake Glow C-Blend Centurion is the all around fairway driver. If you are looking for something that flies straight, you can stop reading t ...

Emperor Feb 1 2021 9:54AM

This run of the Kona Panis Signature I-Blend Emperors are very similar to the first run. However, most of the second run have a "pop top&qu ...

Alpaca Nov 25 2020 7:15PM

Are you having a hard time choosing a Infinite Discs putter? My recommendation would be the Alpaca!    The Infinite Discs Alpaca is ...

Infinite Discs Hye8Dye 500 Piece Puzzle Nov 13 2020 11:46AM

Good quality puzzle with very challenging artwork. Any puzzle loving disc golf will enjoy solving this stimulating 500 piece puzzle. This i ...

Infinite Discs 500 Piece Puzzle Nov 13 2020 11:43AM

Good quality puzzle with beautiful Infinite Disc artwork. Any puzzle loving disc golfer will enjoy solving this stimulating 500 piece ...

Infinite Discs 1000 Piece Puzzle Nov 13 2020 11:41AM

Good quality puzzle with challenging artwork. Any puzzle loving disc golfer will enjoy solving this stimulating 1000 piece puzzle. This is the m ...

Firefly Jul 3 2019 1:13PM

The Firefly is a great feeling putter. The rim has no bead and feels similar to a P2 or Aviar P&A. Since Nate used to putt with P2's I'd ...

Infinite Egyptian Bomber Shirt Oct 4 2018 4:01PM

I'm a big fan of these shirts! What first drew me to them was the incredible model in the product pictures. He's got slim physic an ...

Dynamic Discs Permanent Marker Aug 2 2018 6:12PM

You get what you pay for. This marker may work for a bit but it doesn't last. Just man up and get a regular Sharpie.  ...

Caiman Jul 25 2018 12:14PM

I was able to throw the Caiman a lot during a few rounds at a shorter nine hole course recently. I would say it compares closest it to a Hyzerbo ...

Adidas Terrex Agravic GTX Jun 26 2018 10:27AM

Wow. These shoes are amazing. I've never been so impressed with a pair of shoes! The Adidas Agravic GTX felt comfortable right from the get ...

Adidas Terrex Agravic Speed Jun 26 2018 10:22AM

I originally bought the Adidas Agravic Speeds because I saw Eagle McMahon wearing them and they looked really good. I bought another pair becaus ...

AviarX3 May 12 2018 3:11PM

I originally took this disc out just to test it for this review. I was quite impressed and now it is now my favorite overstable approa ...

Getaway May 11 2018 6:22PM

The Getaway has a great feel in the hand and releases clean when thrown hard. If you like a Criminal but want something that will get more distance a ...

Fuji May 11 2018 6:15PM

The Fugi is a low profile, flat top, overmold mid-range disc. I was quite surprised when I first threw the Fugi. I expected it to be sligh ...

Tomb May 11 2018 5:40PM

This disc is a great addition to the growing Infinite Discs line up. The tomb is comfortable in the hand and quite shallow. It has a predicable strai ...

Ballista Pro Mar 31 2018 7:06PM

I completely agree with the flight ratings when the disc is brand new. Once the Ballista Pro I threw got used for a while, it became less stable quit ...

Valhalla Mar 31 2018 6:59PM

The Vahalla is a great driver. I threw a 170+ Storm plastic Valhalla. When I gave this driver a lot of power, it didn't flip over and had a consi ...

Kea Mar 31 2018 6:52PM

I was not a big fan of this disc. The feel in the hand is quite different and other discs that fly similar have a more comfortable feel. RPM labels t ...

Loki Mar 31 2018 6:47PM

The Loki is a great addition to the Viking Disc lineup! If you are looking for a mid-range/putter that will fade very consistently, look no further.& ...

PDx Mar 8 2018 5:23PM

The PDx is a good driver. Nothing we haven't seen before but great none the less. I would only criticize how it feels in the hand. This matt ...

Luan Mar 8 2018 5:19PM

The Lu is a great high speed driver. The mold feels great in the hand and the plastic is a little soft. I wouldn't recommend this driver to begin ...

Kui Mar 8 2018 5:09PM

You know, I really liked this disc! It feels really comfortable in the hand and the plastic is quality. I wouldn't say the flight numbers are cor ...

MD4 Sep 18 2017 9:09AM

Finally they came out with a decently overstable mid-range! The MD4 is flies very similar to a Champion Roc3. When i threw it hard and flat, the MD4 ...

X3 Sep 17 2017 11:20AM

The X3 is neutral high speed driver. In the hand, it has a lower profile, which could be better for smaller hands. When thrown hard it will flip over ...

Limit Sep 17 2017 10:47AM

Wow. This is a very oversable disc! I was not able to get this driver even three quaters of the distance my other drive ...

Aftermath Sep 17 2017 10:25AM

After throwing the Icon Aftermath my initial thoughts were pretty positive. In the hand, it was much more comfortable versus other Legacy drivers lik ...

P3x Sep 17 2017 10:17AM

This putter is a great overstable throwing putter. With a flat top and low profile, it feels very similar to the Innova Aviar3. Since ...

Shryke Mar 27 2017 11:12AM

I recently picked up one of these in Pink  champion plastic with a weight of 175g. I've also been able to throw the Shryke in the Star and G ...

Shryke Nov 17 2016 9:33AM

(RHBH) I was able to go out and test the Innova Shryke the other day. Conditions(windy and somewhat cold) were not ideal but I felt like I got ...


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