Infinite # 134430

Infinite Rating

∞ 923.27

Infinite Tournament Rating

∞ 904.59
Total Infinite Points 472
- Profile Points 82.00
- Add Course Points 0.00
- Add Layout Points 0.00
- Rounds Played Points 270.00
- Course Review Points 43.20
- Course Rating Points 12.00
- Top Discs Used Points 2.50
- Condition Updates 3.00
- Disc Review Points 59.60
- Referral Points 0.00
Avg. Course Review Rating

3.91 (Total Reviews:8)

Avg. Disc Review Rating

4.39 (Total Reviews:31)

Courses Played 23
Rounds Played 125
Holes Played 1756
Eagles 10 (0.57%)
Birdies 500 (28.47%)
Par's 988 (56.26%)
Bogeys 218 (12.41%)
Double Bogeys 36 (2.05%)
Triple Bogeys 4 (0.23%)
Penalty Strokes 30 (1.71%)
Basic Information
Biography: I'm a grown man that throws plastic around parks for fun... What more do you need to know.
From: Clinton, Utah, U.S.A
Years Playing: 1 Skill Level: Advanced
PDGA #: 78607 PDGA Rating: 927
Primary Driving Style: Backhand Driving Hand: Right
Typical Driving Distance: 400 Max Driving Distance: 450
Additional Stats
Putting %:
Feet Makes Attempts % Hit
≤7 156 156 100%
10 90 92 97.83%
15 58 60 96.67%
20 32 44 72.73%
25 27 49 55.1%
30 11 39 28.21%
≥33 9 74 12.16%
Green Hit %: 35.51%
# of Aces: 1 (0.06%)
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Total NG Points: 0.00
Number of Events Played: 0

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Exodus Feb 8 2018 7:48PM

This disc rocks. Im super stoked to be able to throw it this season. First of all, I field tested a 175 g disc at roughly 4500 ft of elevation, so my ...

Davis Tech Disc Golf Course Dec 6 2016 12:10PM

I was pleasantly surprised by the new Datc course. It didnt have aot to work with but they came up with some fun shots. The course is very open with ...

Catapult Nov 16 2016 11:47AM

The VIP catapult, in my opinion, is the Trilogy equivalent of the Innova Star Destroyer. Out of the box they are a little more "Boss" ...

Hatchet Nov 16 2016 11:36AM

Ahhhhhh the Hatchet.... This disc is one of the most understable discs in my bag. It is perfect for hyzerflips that will go a mile. in a tailwin ...

Russ Freeman Park Jun 26 2016 2:06PM

Freeman Park is definitely a a gem in the gem state. This public park that looks more like a large golf (the ball variety) course than an park is nes ...

Mulligan's Creekside Disc Golf Course Apr 13 2016 11:03PM

The DGC at Toad's/Mulligans is a true disc golf gem in the state of Utah. There is simply nothing like throwing around an actual maintained golf ...

Von Baer Park Mar 13 2016 3:09PM

Providence DGC at Von Baer Park will chew you up, spit you out, and leave you wanting more. The course is layed out over a heavily forested hill over ...

Sister City DGC Mar 13 2016 2:41PM

Sister City DGC is almost like 2 sister courses in one. The front 7 (barring the first hole...) is an easy, casual layout through a grassy park. Form ...

Upper Ross Park Mar 13 2016 2:17PM

Ross park is a short 9 hole course just off the highway in Pocotello, ID. It is a pretty typical "park" course with open holes, grass, and ...

Cache County Fairgrounds Mar 13 2016 2:03PM

  This is the course that taught me to love disc golf. The course winds it's way through the beautiful Cache County Fairgrounds. Most of th ...

Jolley's Ranch Mar 13 2016 1:13PM

  Jolly's Ranch was a great course for all skill levels. Set in beautiful Hobble Creek Canyon about 20 mintues outside of Springville,  ...

Colossus Jan 27 2016 5:20PM

I will preface this review with: Its cold outside!!!! So I feel like I will need to review this disc again in the spring. So far I love the Colo ...

Reko Jan 8 2016 11:44AM

Kastaplast's new introduction to their putter lineup, the Reko, is pretty sweet indeed. I would definitely classify this as an overstable putt/ap ...

Sinus Nov 30 2015 10:34PM

I have thrown a Westside Harp for quite a while and I loved the consistency it gave me. The Sinus was made with that same idea in mind. It is quite o ...

Hive Basket Nov 30 2015 10:24PM

This review is for the regular, double chained version of The Hive basket. The Hive basket is an interesting mix of portability, economy, and pr ...

Axis Nov 5 2015 12:03PM

I would consider this disc the Buzzz killer. It is a little more consistent but a little less workable than Discraft's marquis disc. It flie ...

Roc3 Nov 4 2015 9:59PM

When watching tournament coverage on The Spin TV channel on youtube (was not paid to say that :) ) I would always here the announcers commenting on P ...

Teebird Nov 4 2015 9:47PM

The Teebird is a staple disc for any player. For newer playes it can serve as a reliable stable fairway friver that will give them pretty good distan ...

Destroyer Nov 4 2015 9:25PM

Ahhhh the Destroyer. There is a reason that the Star Destroyer is a staple in bags all over the world including Paul McBeth's... Its an amazing d ...

Daedalus Nov 4 2015 9:17PM

For a long time the Daedalus was easily my farthest driver. This is a great driver for begginers that have a naturally fast arm speed. When I got min ...

Truth Nov 4 2015 9:09PM

The Truth was my first midrange disc that I owned. I got it on a suggestion from a friend. When I first started out playing disc golf I thought every ...

Nuke Nov 4 2015 8:59PM

I like the Nuke. The mold that I have seems to be relatively flat and pretty overstable. I would compare it to an overstable Destroyer in the Star pl ...

Avenger SS Nov 4 2015 8:51PM

The Avenger SS was my very first "Distance Driver". When I was first getting used to the game It seemed like the most overstable thing I ha ...

Discraft Ultra-Star Nov 3 2015 12:24AM

Anyone that has ever played competetive ultimate frisbee knows that the Discraft UltraStar is the only disc the sport should be played with. All othe ...

Innova DISCatcher Pro Nov 3 2015 12:18AM

This basket is the golden standard of disc golf baskets. My local course uses these, and I thank the heavens everyday because of it. I personally hav ...

Infinite Discs Waffle Weave Towel Nov 3 2015 12:09AM

Microfiber is the future! These towels are super absorbant and they are able to make it through many a round without needing to be laundered. I love ...

Infinite White Shirt Nov 3 2015 12:02AM

I won this shirt in a little tournament we had in Infinite's home town (Logan, UT). Like most screen printed shirts, they wont fit everyone. I am ...

Infinite Starter Bag Nov 2 2015 11:54PM

This bag has found the perfect balance of functionality, quality, and price. As the name implies, this bag is the perfect option for the begginer-int ...

Tournament Seat Nov 2 2015 11:45PM

Why pay $30-40 for a seat when you could pay $15. These stools are great. They are light weight and easy to set up. I am about 200 lbs and they hold ...

Infinite Discs Tournament Bag w/ Straps Nov 2 2015 11:35PM

Gotta love the Infinite Gear! When I started playing I bought the Infinite Small bag thinking that I would never need a bag as big as this one becaus ...

Discatcher Sport Nov 2 2015 11:23PM

If you like the sound of banging chains as much as I do, this is the basket for you. It is LOUD!!!! Virtualy any putt will cause the chains to hit th ...

DISCatcher Traveler Nov 2 2015 10:46PM

The DISCatcher traveler is designed around complete portability and not around real world functionality. It is one of the fastest baskets to set up t ...

Innova Skillshot Nov 2 2015 10:26PM

Avid disc golfers beware. This is not the basket you want if you are trying to simulate any type of actual round. They weren't kidding when they ...

DGA Mach Lite Nov 2 2015 10:17PM

The Mach Lite has my vote for the best "portable" basket around. It is super light weight and sets up faster than you can say "Bobs yo ...

DGA Mach 14 Nov 2 2015 10:09PM

This is a pretty solid portable basket. It is probably one of the most portable "metal" baskets on the market right now. It was very east t ...

Wizard Oct 25 2015 8:36PM

I love the wizard! It is my go to putter for anything within 40 ft. I was fortunate to find an RFF that is really quite floppy which I recomend ...

Justice Oct 25 2015 8:28PM

When I first got this disc I kept trying to get good distance out of it. Then I finally realized, that is not what it is meant for at all. It is mean ...

Aviar Classic Oct 24 2015 12:32PM

Super straight...that's all you need to know. Will hold the line you put on it clear to the end. Great disc for finesse up shots. I do wish ...

Felon Oct 24 2015 12:19PM

This disc is awesome. It's so nice knowing is going to consistently far pretty hard no matter what you do. The felon fits in a similar niche as t ...


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