Mr. Infinite

Infinite # 1148

Infinite Rating

∞ 899.01

Infinite Tournament Rating

∞ 907.45
Total Infinite Points 3357
- Profile Points 82.00
- Add Course Points 90.00
- Add Layout Points 1744.00
- Rounds Played Points 660.00
- Course Review Points 264.50
- Course Rating Points 60.00
- Top Discs Used Points 34.00
- Condition Updates 52.00
- Disc Review Points 370.80
- Referral Points 0.00
Avg. Course Review Rating

3.77 (Total Reviews:12)

Avg. Disc Review Rating

4.70 (Total Reviews:20)

Courses Played 39
Rounds Played 277
Holes Played 3152
Eagles 6 (0.19%)
Birdies 1067 (33.85%)
Par's 1630 (51.71%)
Bogeys 391 (12.40%)
Double Bogeys 50 (1.59%)
Triple Bogeys 8 (0.25%)
Penalty Strokes 237 (7.52%)
Basic Information
Biography: I'm the owner of Infinite Discs. I test lots of discs.
From: Logan, Utah, U.S.A
Years Playing: 5 Skill Level: Advanced
PDGA #: 66339 PDGA Rating: 914
Primary Driving Style: Both Driving Hand: Right
Typical Driving Distance: 325 Max Driving Distance: 375
Additional Stats
Putting %:
Feet Makes Attempts % Hit
≤7 686 687 99.85%
10 335 337 99.41%
15 242 256 94.53%
20 183 230 79.57%
25 128 218 58.72%
30 54 131 41.22%
≥33 90 347 25.94%
Green Hit %: 44.30%
# of Aces: 3 (0.10%)
Date Course Name Layout Score Rating

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Event Division Round Score Rating
Total NG Points: 80.00
Number of Events Played: 2

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Lots Apr 13 2020 3:55PM

The green 171g Kastaplast Lots that I have is a solid fairway driver. It has the great Kastaplast plastic feel and has a little more speed than the F ...

M Model S Apr 13 2020 3:50PM

I've always been a big fan of Prodigy's midrnage discs. I think they're highly underated, and the new Ace Line mids are no different. Com ...

Wei Dec 11 2019 2:31PM

Yikun has super understable distance drivers down. The Wei is another touch sensitive driver that absolutely bombs on hyzer throws for low power ...

Crossbow Dec 11 2019 1:50PM

This will be the easiest review I have ever written, the Yikun Crossbow is essentially a Dynamic Discs Justice (my all time favorite disc) in a soft ...

Gou Dec 11 2019 1:44PM

The Yikun Gou is super understable and sooo fun to throw with a big sky hyzer throw. It is without doubt one of the most understable driver ...

Jiao Dec 11 2019 1:32PM

This is it. The perfect disc golf driver for your first ever round of disc golf. For the true beginner, child, women, senior citizen, or less than at ...

Croc Nov 18 2019 3:48PM

Innova finally did it! The Croc is a super overstable midrange, the kind of approach disc where it is physically impossible for me to turn ...

Mantra Nov 8 2019 10:01AM

The Mantra immediately made my bag. I have tried it in both the VIP edition Ethereal plastic as well as the available for retail public Ethos plastic ...

Tomahawk Sep 30 2019 3:43PM

The Yikun Tomahawk is my new favorite disc. The 0 end of flight fade is legit, but the Tomahawk definitely exhibits some high speed turn. This disc f ...

Meteor Hammer Sep 30 2019 3:35PM

I would absolutely have to agree with Perd, this is one of the straightest flying discs on the market and coming from an Ultimate Frisbee background ...

Profit Sep 25 2019 1:14PM

The Mint Discs Profit is a solid disc golf putter. The thing I like the best about this disc is the feel of the plastic. It is very grippy but yet th ...

Bellevue State Park Sep 18 2019 9:33AM

This is probably the worst of all the Wilmington area courses, not saying that it's a bad course, the level of all the other disc golf courses is ...

White Clay Creek State Park Sep 17 2019 6:49PM

Another amazing course in the Wilmington area. Before playing this course I read a few of the reviews and from the sound of them, it sounded like thi ...

Canby West Sep 16 2019 5:00PM

Canby West is probably my favorite course in the Wilmington area (which is saying something because Wilmington arguably has the most high quality cou ...

Lums Pond State Park Sep 14 2019 12:25PM

The Lums Pond State Park Disc Golf course is the most enjoyable course I have played in Delaware. While some of the other nearby courses like Iron Hi ...

Brandywine Creek State Park Sep 13 2019 2:47PM

The Disc Golf Course in Brandywine State Park is another fun course to play in the Wilmington area. Unlike some of the other local courses that are t ...

Greenridge in Brookhaven Park Sep 12 2019 12:49PM

The Greenridge Disc Golf Course in Brookhaven Park has some amazing land for a disc golf course. The course has adequate signage (painted on rocks wi ...

Iron Hill Sep 11 2019 4:59PM

The Iron Hill Disc golf course is not only one of the best courses in Delaware, it's one of the best courses I have ever played. There are two t ...

Rolling Hills in hays Apr 26 2019 7:01AM

The Rolling Hills Disc Golf Course in Hays Kansas is a fun little nine hole course. It offers a few open shots and a good number of wonky trees to wo ...

Cottonwood Falls (Swope Park) Apr 26 2019 6:26AM

The Swope Park Disc Golf Course in Cottonwood Falls Kansas is a really fun course with a large variety of different shots. It has some moderately woo ...

Zeus Mar 27 2019 4:00PM

What can I say, the Swirly ESP Kong is a prettier version of the Innova Destroyer in Discraft plastic. We know how much Paul McBeth&nb ...

Emperor Mar 27 2019 10:07AM

In I, Blend, the Emperor is somewhat understable for high speed throws, almost less OS than some versions of the Pharaoh even. Initially, I thou ...

Paul McBeth Prototype Putter Feb 12 2019 11:25AM

The Luna is nice. It's pretty similar to the Roach, perhaps a little more shallow, but the plastic is definitely unique. This is a stiff put ...

Cache County Fairgrounds Nov 9 2018 10:12AM

The fairgrounds course is a fraction of what it once was (used to be one of the best disc golf courses in Utah). The nine hole layout only open durin ...

Pursuit Aug 27 2018 11:39AM

The Legacy Pursuit is a super solid extremely overstable utility midrange. It is perfect for hyzer approach shots that you just need to sti ...

Lawrence Park Jul 16 2018 7:11AM

Fun course. The front nine baskets are more open and longer. The back nine are homemade baskets in a tightly wooded section of the park that are  ...

Drift Jun 4 2018 3:50PM

This is just a solid, straight shooting fairway driver. It glides far, goes straight with a moderate fade. This is a disc that can be used by disc go ...

Myth Jun 4 2018 3:44PM

I love the feel of the Myth. It's a deep disc, with a good feel for putting. This putter took some time before I got used to it. The Myth really ...

Elk Ridge Park Jun 4 2018 3:37PM

This is a nice park. Most of the holes are shorter, so not ideal for the serious disc golfer, but a great place to learn to play disc golf. If there ...

Tomb May 10 2018 2:41PM

The Infinite Discs Tomb is my new favorite disc. I use it on almost every hole and love it for both forehand and backhand approach shots. This disc j ...

Tantrum Mar 23 2018 8:52AM

When I pulled out a 172g Axiom Tantrum for testing, a figured it was going to be and too much disc for me and would be way too overstable. ...


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