Disc Information

The Night Ize Flashflight LED Driver is a super fast understable distance driver. This is a beginner friendly driver that will bomb for long distances. Experienced disc golfers will find that this glowing disc is excellent for hyzer flips and long turnover shots. 

If you're looking for high visibility during night rounds, this is the best disc golf driver available.

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Flashflight Details

Night Ize Flashflight plastic is more than just a disc plastic. These discs have an integradet battery powered Fiber Optic LED light system with 20 hours of light time. The Disco Select feature allows you to throw your discs with any of the following light colors: red, purple, blue, green or white!

This plastic feels good, is durable, and allows you to play disc golf anytime or anywhere. This plastic blend even floats in water.


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