Disc Information

The Nomad is the first disc in the James Conrad line. This putter has a small bead to provide additional longevity. Proving to have a neutral flight on drives and a stable to overstable flight while putting. Allowing for a go-to putter that can handle power on the drives and spin on the putts.

The James Conrad line is set to feature some of his favorite places to travel and tie in MVP's theme of science. This putt & approach disc was inspired by Park Avenue trailhead in Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. 

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Electron Misprint Details

The misprinted version of MVP's baseline plastic.  Feels amazing, but it is not made for taking a beating at high velocity. Misprinted discs have stamp imperfections and sometimes superficial blemishes, while still maintaining the same flight and feel as a non-misprinted discs in the same plastic at a discounted price.


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