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The Discmania Rainmaker is part of Discmania's Creator Series. It was designed by none other than Eagle McMahon, one of the deadliest putters on tour. Eagle had the chance to design the disc of his dreams, and the Rainmaker is the result! When compared to a P2, it is slightly lower profile, straighter flying, and more beveled.

“What makes the Rainmaker special to me is the fact I was heavily involved in the design process. The Rainmaker represents everything I want in a putter. I will primarily use it for putting, but the shape of the disc also makes it an incredible point and shoot throwing putter with great glide." -Eagle McMahon

The Rainmaker will be reserved exclusively for Eagle McMahon releases.

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Glow D-Line Flex 3 Details

Discmania's Glow D-Line Flex 3 plastic is a stiff and grippy blend that will get you through any weather conditions. Flex 3 is the stiffest of Discmania's D-Line plastics, providing the perfect grip for players who prefer a firm feel in the hand. This plastic also glows in the dark!


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