Disc Information

The DD2 Frenzy is one of the farthest flying golf discs on the market. It is a high speed disc and while newer players won’t likely see its maximum distance, intermediate disc golfers will be amazed at how far this disc flies with sidearm throws. As distance drivers go, the DD2 Frenzy is relatively stable. It offers some turn, but has a reliable fade back to provide max distance. This popular disc is available in the P-Line, C-Line, and S-Line plastics. Choose your favorite plastic and get a Frenzy today!

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G-Line X-Out Details

G-Line X-Out discs have the ultra grippy Discmania G-Line plastic, but have minor stamp or manufacturing blemishes. These blemishes typically include misprints, double stamps, or disc coloration issues. If you're not too picky about how your disc looks, purchasing factory second X-Outs is a great way to save money.


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