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Skyquest Medusa


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The Medusa by Skyquest is a long distance disc with a perfect mix of speed, glide, turn and fade. This disc is fast! It maintains its speed courtesy of  its low profile and thick rim. The flight rating for the Medusa is 11/5/-2/2. Unlike the L13, which shows its understability from launch, the Medusa gently turns, maintains a straight line, and then gently fades to its landing destination.

Custom Stamped Medusa

The picture above shows the standard stamp of the Skyquest Medusa. The actual discs which will be sent out have our logo. They both fly the same. If you really want to have the stamp of the woman with snakes in her hair, ordering a Medusa here right now will not be the best idea.

Skyquest Medusa Dimensions:

  • Diameter: 21.2cm (97.87% of average)
  • Height: 1.5cm (74.74% of average)
  • Rim Thickness 2.1 (143.55% of average)
  • Weight: 175g

Skyquest Medusa Additional Information:

Primary Use:
Stability: ,
Recommended Skill Level:
Plastic grade(s):
Possible Extras:

Turn: -
Fade: Flight Rating: //-/

Overwhelmed? Read about everything mentioned above here: Type, Flight Path, Disc Speed, Stability, Plastic Grade, Disc Extras, Skill Level, Rim Width, Disc Rating and more.

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14 Reviews

  1. Rum
    Review Lover, L6

    The Medusa performs almost exactly like my Star Roadrunner. so I would say that the turn and fade are misleading. The turn is more like -3, fade 1. The Medusa, while a little longer than my Roadrunner, 10 feet at the most, is also more release sensitive. I do like this disc, but I am a beginner/intermediate and my inconsistencies demand that I choose discs for their forgiveness. Just for reference, I throw rhbh and typically drive around 300′ with the occasional throw to 340′.

    • Rum
      Review Lover, L6

      The more I throw it, the more I like it and reach for it. This disc clearly favors those of us with slower arm speeds. I’ve had some releases that felt a little weak to me, but the Medusa slowly glided out near my best.

  2. Mark Kahmann
    Review Master, L10

    This disc is very understable, and if you are not ready for that, it can be a problem. but let me say this: I can do things with this disc that I can’t do with any other disc. I can hyzer flip it a good way down the fairway, for a long tunnel followed by a right turn. It gives me an alternative to a forehand. It also allows me to throw out of bushes, being sharp enough to cut through, while still understable to hold an anny. I like mine, but I suspect a lot of people wouldn’t.

  3. Josh
    Review Supporter, L4

    I really like this disc! It does exactly what it is supposed to. The disc is fast and understable. Thrown with the right amount of hyzer, the Medusa makes for an incredible s-curve disc. I have used it in my last few games and it has been a great addition to my ever expanding collection if disc.

  4. David
    Review Lover, L6

    What a great disc. I was expecting this thing to need a great amount of hyzer similar to a Secret weapon that I have. However, it had fairly neutral stability, and glided for miles with a gentle end fade. I’m sure it’ll change as it beats in, but I’m really enjoying the relaxed distance. Thanks guys for the great disc!

  5. stephen volbruck (lizard)
    Review Lover, L6

    I got my Infinite disc logo’d Medusa in the mail the other day. and took it with me to the course this weekend. The plastic feels really grippy and tacky. I felt like i had sticky fingers but its the plastic. I liked the feel of the disc in my hand and it looked sweet. First rip i tried to hyser it at a basket about 100 feet away. I tossed it light with as much control as i could. I figured it being a driver it would probably fade a little to the left so I aimed a little right and let go. It emediatly turned to the right and annied away from the basket i was aiming at. “CRAP” . I went and got the disc and picked out a basket 225 feet away and threw it hard with alot of hyzer on the disc in its release. it flattened out and went right again and never made the 225 in distance. “DOUBLE CRAP” . I really really want to like this disc. the plastic is awesome but the flight of this disc mold is really defective. If any one has any uses for this thing other than a rolling tray let me know.

  6. Kyle Stauffer
    Review Supporter, L4

    I have to agree with the first review here. This disc is just plain bad. I really wanted to love it, the plastic was the nicest feeling stuff I have ever felt. Feels like gummy, grippy flx plastic. Great stuff! The disc however, did not live up to the plastic. It’s incredibly flippy. It turned into an instant roller for me unless I put it on extreme hyzer. To me it flies similar to a Wahoo. The flight ratings do not match at all on this disc. Extremely understable.

    • It can definetly be understable for big arms or those with a lot of tourque on it. Luckily, I’m not a huge power player. The secret for the Medusa is to throw it hard and low, and it will go for days.

  7. Bryson James
    Review Supporter, L4

    I just received this disc today! I was really excited when I saw it in the mail and started feeling the plastic. It feels great! Grippy and flimsy yet stiff enough to handle lots of power. It feels like Pro plastic but a mix or FLX or something. Anyways, this is an instant roller disc for me. 100% power hyzer flipped and rolled for a good 600ft. (Went down a hill for 300ft, up a large hill, then down another) Instant thoughts were, “Okay, excellent roller disc out of the box, but how will it do on a huge hyzer?” I threw it on a huge sky hyzer and it flipped over and hunted the ground around 100ft in the air. So then I threw it on 40% power to see if this is more like a mid or putter stability wise, and whalla! Laser beamed straight at my target while staying very low with still with some turn. This thing is strange and will not be in my bag but I am very interested in the Skyquest company and their plastic, so when they come out with an “overstable” disc. I will probably purchase it. But for now, the Infinite Medusa is going to the beginner bin or it’s going on my wall. Haven’t decided yet…

  8. Ivan Gale
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    Well if I had this disc with the Infinite DIscs logo I would be able to review it right??? I am glad Drew likes his. You guys are doing a great job keep up the hard work. Hopefully some day I will be able to review this disc properly :) Sorry for my rants. Disc golf rules!!!!!!!!

  9. So I was the first winner of a Skyquest Medusa from Infinite Discs, and I was a bit skeptical about the disc at first blush. I’m always a bit timid when it comes to trying new drivers, because I’ve been burned so many times before from almost every Manufacturer.

    I got my Medusa in the mail (in only two days, I might add!) and when I first looked at it, it didn’t seem to be anything special. But when I picked it up, I jsut about fell in love. The rim is pretty wide, but still fit my fingers comfortably. The plastic is an awesome blend, somewhat like a cross between Innova’s Star Plastic and Discraft’s FLX plastic. Just awesome to hold, and I could tell it was going to hit and stick.

    I took it out to the field for some practice. Immediatley I noticed there was only two ways to throw this disc: high hyzer-flip, or low super fast laser beam. I prefer the low angle. Releasing it at chest high, the Medusa is a frozen rope out to about 320 feet, then begins a slow, gradual fade to finish left at about 370-390 depending on your rip. It holds a hyzer almost too well for a distance driver, but with just a touch of hyze, it will flip flat and fly straight (sound familiar?) at about 12-15 feet of height. I was actually getting more distance with the hyzer-flip, but I felt the straight shot was much more consistent and controllable.

    After 3 casual rounds and 1 tourney doubles round, I can firmly say this disc is the real deal. Flies amazingly well and can handle lots of abuse (I hit trees often). It’s not my go-to driver, but I will definetly be stocking up on a few more in the near future. A great compliment to my almost totally overstable line-up in my bag. Thanks Infinite Disc for hooking me up…now how do I win another one?

  10. Drew
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    Wow! I was shocked by the performance of this disc. I had read that it was effortless distance and they were right. It was so easy to throw far. It is slightly understable so if thrown with a lot of power you need some room for it to work. If thrown at 60-80% it stays flat, low and dead straight. I am beyond impressed. The feel is amazing. The flight is fantastic. It is going in the bag!

  11. andrew hampton
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    easy distance with this disc. great feel to the plastic and disc doesn’t skip much which can be good or bad.

  12. abarker
    Review Grand Master, L13

    The Medusa is flat out my favorite driver for backhand throws. This disc flys relatively straight and stays low for shots around tall trees. The super grippy nature of the disc helps me feel more control, and gives me more distance.

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