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Prodigy F2

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The Prodigy F2 is an overstable fairway driver that provides a very predictable flight, time after time. Prodigy describes this new control driver as “perfect for executing the most demanding shots”. While overstable, the F2 is not as overstable as the F1.

The F2 will is available in Prodigy’s quality series 400 plastic and features Easy Release Technology.

Prodigy F2 - Overstable Fairway Driver

Prodigy F2 Dimensions

  • Diameter: 21.3cm
  • Height: 1.5cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.1cm
  • Rim Width: 1.8cm
  • Max Weight 176.8g

Prodigy F2 Additional Information:

Primary Use:
Recommended Skill Level: ,
Plastic grade(s):
Possible Extras:

Turn: -
Fade: Flight Rating: //-/

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4 Reviews

  1. michael ray riemer
    Reviewer, L2

    I’ve had two F2’s, both 170g Protos. I like the fairways from Prodigy and bag the five they currently have out. The F2 is a great all around disc for me. Be it to be used for sidearm, backhand, or overhand I would recommend bagging one. Very dependably overstable, but not a meathook by any means. I would liken it to a beefier TeeBird- just as fast and long, and with comparable glide, but definitely more fade. Their plastic and their rating/naming system led me to buy a Prodigy, their molds keep me coming back.

  2. Nathan Abernathy
    Reviewer, L2

    I guess I could say that I am having a hard time trying to figure out this disc. Which is very ironic because it took me the longest to figure out the 2 Discs in the Prodigy Lineup. But it is also very ironic that the 2 discs in the series have come to be my favorites, especially the D2. The 2’s have this weird stability that is not stable or understable or overstable. I guess you could say that they have this stability of a bit over neutral-stable.

    I got this disc in a lime green plastic that prodigy offers. It is not as hard to find as some people complain about it being. It is not a hard color to find, unless it lands in a thick grass, which would make any disc hard to find. I am glad that Prodigy offers bright neon looking plastic for people that have a hard time finding discs in grass or any kind of ground and it is easier to find. I have also heard rumors of a glow in the dark plastic. I think that would be very cool. I am not very into glow disc golf as some people are. If i got one it would be for putting only mainly.

    Like I said, the flight of this disc is tricky to get down. I am sure that I will like it as it gets more beat in, and becomes a bit flippier. I just need to use it more at the course. I really needed the fairway drivers from Prodigy. My course is a lot of 300 ft shots that require a hyzer or straight shot with many trees. they are perfect because i can still get the distance between trees, and still have a nice controlled shot that lands within 30 ft of the basket. The flight on this disc is, if you throw it flat, it hyzers out way too much and goes way too left. If you turn it over with your wrist, the disc goes a bit too right, it still comes out, but not as much as i would like it too like my F1 would do. You just have to throw it flat with a crap load of snap and it will pan out very nicely, and you will get a nice shot. But like I said, i cant throw any discs very hard at my course because of trees and other things that can knock your disc down. I am sure that after a while I will figure this disc out and I will throw it more than I do currently. Like I said, it will break in the more I throw it more I throw it, and it will be more forgiving on the stableness.

    For now, That is the best I can describe this disc at the moment and I hope that I can throw it more often and get more successful throws out of it.

  3. Everett
    Review Lover, L6

    In my opinion this is another mediocre entry from Prodigy. I’ve got a 172g F2 in the 400s plastic. At this point do I even need to mention how this plastic feels (if I do, it feels great)? Let me explain why I say mediocre…

    First off Prodigy prides itself on it’s “easy release” technology. Basically they have slightly rounded the underside of the rim. For me this is most effective on their mid ranges and putters, something with a blunt rim. The drivers and in this the fairway drivers take a hit because the flashing (tiny lip of plastic that gets smooshed out when the plastic is molded) is now moved to the outside of the lip instead directly underneath it. Kind of hard to explain until you hold one… then you’ll know what I mean. The biggest problem with this is that it has caused a bit of grip lock on my backhand (I throw RHBH), and an inconsistent release point for my forehand. I’m sure that with time this flashing will wear down but until then.

    Secondly the flight of this disc again for me is just mediocre. It’s biggest strength is that it is consistent. No matter the wind condition or the power you put on this disc it will go straight then fade semi aggressively at the end of it’s path. For it not being the “overstable” disc of the bunch, it has a healthy amount of fade.

    The reason why it’s just mediocre is because I feel it lacks a lot of glide. In order to get any real distance past 250′ or so is to manhandle it and put a lot of pepper on it. Otherwise this disc will go out then quickly start it’s descent. I’ve had some decent shots by putting it on a slight anhyzer line, but even then as soon as it comes out of it’s anhyzer angle, it starts to dive. I will say that if you need a skip shot, this type of disc can be very useful.

    I’m not sure I could full heartedly recommend this disc to anyone who has a decent “overstable” fairway in their bag. I currently have a Champ Banshee and Elite Z Pred that I don’t think will be unseated by this disc, but I will keep it as a an alright backup for either of the two.

  4. Haskell Lee
    Review Participant, L1

    This was my first Prodigy disc. I have pretty much been exclusively throwing latitude plastic for the last year.

    This is a disc that was missing from my bag, an overstable fairway driver with a good amount of glide and a lot of distance potential.

    Before I switched to latitude I was a Teebird thrower, and I would say that this is perhaps a notch more stable than the Teebird. It has a similar feeling in the hand with a decent sized rim and fits nicely in the palm of your hand, and being a fairway driver it doesn’t necessarily take a huge arm to get up to speed.
    This disc rarely flipped on me at all, even in Texas where the wind is frequently an obstacle.
    The prodigy plastic is very durable and felt nice time after time.

    There is really very little difference in the amount of torque this disc can withstand versus a Destroyer, as far as arm speed goes. I can pull this thing really hard, and still be confident that it will be predictable in flight.

    Good Glide, STABLE.

    This disc is extraordinary at holding longer Hyzer lines, and performs well in headwinds….
    I say this from experience playing in Texas predominately, as we are at sea level here, highly over stable disks are always in my bag because of the Texas winds, and it is nice to be able to put some prodigy plastic in there that i can be confident with.


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