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Prodigy F1

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Disc Information

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This new disc will be the most overstable of the new Prodigy drivers. The F1 is available in the quality series 400 plastic and utilizes Prodigy’s easy release technology.

Prodigy describes the F1 as a “medium speed, significantly overstable fairway driver with predictable controllable flights.” This new disc will excel in all wind conditions and will work well for overhand tomahawk and thumber throws.

Prodigy F1 - Overstable Fairway Driver

Prodigy F1 Dimensions

  • Diameter: 21.3cm
  • Height: 1.5cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.1cm
  • Rim Width: 1.8cm
  • Max Weight 176.8g

Prodigy F1 Additional Information:

Primary Use:
Recommended Skill Level:
Plastic grade(s):
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Turn: -
Fade: Flight Rating: //-/

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5 Reviews

  1. Drew
    Reviewer, L2

    Once again prodigy has done it right! My bag is slowly becoming all prodigy. I bought a purple f1 400s 170g I was looking for a disc that I could use on and off the teebox and that would hold those long hyzer lines. The f1 is all of that! When thrown flat it goes laser straight with a nice finish to the left (when thrown RHBH). The Feel Of The 400s plastic Is fantastic! It has the perfect amount of grip for me. In warm weather it gets even better, I find very cold weather is tough on any disc and this plastic held up pretty well. I recommend this for any skill level.

  2. Well, this is an odd disc. I got a turquoise X-Out, 168g, from the boys right here on Infinite Discs (thanks again, Alan! You the man!!!) and luckily mine came without the excessive flashing on the bottom like my F3 and generally the rest of the F-Series of discs. First and foremost, the rim feels eerily like a Firebird. However, it is quite a bit domier than any Firebird I’ve ever seen. I was interested to throw it for sure.

    I was not disappointed. To preface this, I should say I de-bagged Firebirds years ago because I didn’t like their fade. It just dumped a little too hard for me, even when thrown into a stiff headwind. Recently, I switched to the newer-run MVP Shock because it had a Firebird flight with enhanced distance and a less abrupt fade. So I was looking for the F1 to be similar. And it was.

    My first twenty or so throws were flat and into a headwind. I wanted to see what this disc could do. This disc can really handle a good, full-power rip. I mean I was honking on this thing just as hard as I would a Destroyer or a similar OS, high-speed disc, and the F1 could handle all my wonky form issues. It was dead-nuts straight into the wind with a good, hearty fade. Much more abrupt than an F3, but still forward-penetrating for the most part. When put on hyzer, it would hold the hyzer angle even into the wind. Hyzer spikes were a breeze. I even threw it with some pretty steep anhyzer into the headwind and it managed to fight out of it somewhat.

    However, when thrown into a tailwind, the F1 showed it’s behind, so to speak. Still super flat (and with a decent amount of glide) but the fade was so abrupt that I was only getting about 250 feet of distance on it, even when thrown downhill. I had to throw some sidearm shots with it just to get it to not dump so hard. It did nail tomahawks and thumbers pretty well.

    So if you are looking for a strictly headwind utility discs, this is it. Unless it’s thrown into a stiff headwind, the F1 will fly just like a Firebird. As I said, I don’t like Firebirds. I will stick with my Shocks for these type of shots. But if you don’t care for MVP, or want a Firebird in much better plastic with a more comfortable rim, then this is it.

    Not bad, by any means, but not for this reviewer’s bag.

  3. Doug B
    Review Fanatic, L5

    I was not impressed with this disc off the shelf. One forum writer mentioned it was a glidless turd that crashed into the ground as soon as possible. I agreed 100% with that sentiment.

    Then I used sandpaper to remove the flashing. Whoa, night and day difference. The disc now has glide, a straight high speed flight and a strong fade. I get 250ft or so on a hyzer line but can flex an anhyzer s-curve out to ~300ft. It is in my bag, which means I like it.

  4. Everett
    Review Lover, L6

    This thing is a beast! I’ve got a 172g F1 in the 400 plastic.

    If you are looking for a super overstable fairway driver, this is the disc for you. This thing is so overstable that most people will probably have a hard time finding where it fits in their bag and is more of a utility driver rather than a workhorse. I find that I will pull this bad boy out when throwing a short flick shot that I need a skip or a pretty aggressive fade at the end of the flight.

    Prodigy says that this disc is great for tomahawks or thumbers and I wouldn’t disagree. This disc is slow enough that you don’t have to put tons of power behind it on either of those throws to get it to flip.

    In hand this disc feels much like any other fairway driver. It has a pretty thin rim and the prodigy plastic feels nice. The one thing that is concerning to me is the flashing on the underside of the rim. Prodigy prides itself on the “easy release” tech (basically the underside of the rim is rounded instead of a corner), but the flashing on this mold and the F2 runs right around the underside of this rim leaving a sharp protrusion right where your finger curls under. This is not horrible and can be taken care of but it is annoying.

    Overall I would recommend this disc to anyone who is looking for a utility meat hook fairway driver. I would compare this disc to a Banshee, Firebird, or Predator but I would not say that it out preforms any of them. If you are newer to disc golf, I would say skip this disc for now and get an F3.

  5. Nathan Abernathy
    Reviewer, L2

    OK first of all, this disc is very Stable for a fairway driver. I should say it is very stable for having a tiny rim that it has. I am on vacation in Kansas city and picked it up at dynamic discs, I am glad that they had all of the brand new prodigy discs and plastics that they just released

    So the flight of this disc is very Nice, and I like it. Since I am at A lower elevation, everything flies a lot less stable. This disc was just What I needed at a lower elevation, and it still flied very stable. This disc had impressive glide for the stability of it. I usually use my drivers for huge hyzers, but this is great for Nice hook shots that come in left very hard that are shorter than those shots. I will see how it flies in Colorado, from the flight of it where I am now, this disc will not be used like my F3 at the course. That about some up the flight of this disc.

    I like the thinness of the rim that looks like the plastic was scooped out. I honestly love how stable discs feel in my hand. It is a really Cool design how prodigy made the thin rim with the stable put into the disc. The plastic is very grippy when you first get it and gets stiffer as you use it and becomes very hard and durable.

    That is about all I have to say for this disc. I will have to use it more to get a better feel for it and put a more detailed. Description of it’s flight. I also got it in the sweet clear plastic with a pink metal flake stamp.

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