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Prodigy D5


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The Prodigy D5 is a high speed very understable distance driver. This is the Prodigy driver for those who want a steady hyzer-flip, or less experienced players who want a straight drive.

If you’re a fan of Prodigy, and are looking for easy distance, the D5 is the disc of choice. At 1.6cm, this disc is substantially thinner than the other Prodigy Distance drivers. The D5 is also unique in its design, as there is a slight bevel on the underside of the rim, designed to slice through air, and may add some extra grip depending on your throwing style.

The Prodigy D5 is currently available in 400S plastic.

Prodigy D5 - Understable Driver

Prodigy D5 Dimensions

  • Diameter: 21.0cm (97.41% of average)
  • Height: 1.6cm (94.67% of average)
  • Rim Depth: 1.2cm (94.46% of average)
  • Rim Width: 2.3cm (157.22% of average)
  • Max Weight 174.3g

Prodigy D5 Additional Information:

Primary Use:
Recommended Skill Level:
Plastic grade(s):
Possible Extras:

Turn: -
Fade: Flight Rating: //-/

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Disc Reviews

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9 Reviews

  1. Conor M.
    Review Nut, L7

    I can’t figure out if it’s the most unique disc ever or the worst disc ever. This disc is very nose angle sensitive and needs a lot of height to keep it turning over hard. Normally, when high speed discs are thrown under speed they typically just seem more overstable and fade faster, but not this disc. This disc just dies mid flight and ceases to glide. When I throw it at the top speed that it’s intended for I can bomb the D5 for crazy distance. This can only be achieved if I release it with majorly exaggerated hyzer anglage.

    The D5 is by far the flippiest disc I’ve ever throw as well as the the most readily rollable disc too. I wouldn’t recommend it as a workhorse distance driver, but I could see the D5 being bagged as a utility driver.

  2. Tyrone Biggums

    The D5 has been one of my favorite distance drivers. I have a flat 400s 171g it’s Blue w/ black stamp.

    I do have some power and have been playing for a handful of years. I find that this is best for me when I release this disc with a mild hyzer angle and good power. It will ride straight and then boom over to the right and ride a nice S shape. Almost always coming back in a stable fade. It can do things no other max D discs can do (that I’ve thrown) I really like it.

    I would NOT recommend this for a new player. If you’re new and looking for big distance stay in the speed 10-11 range. I recommend this disc for experienced players that want a turnover fast distance driver.
    (for me it flies like a roadrunner, but a speed 13 version of it…meaning it needs a little more power to control and it’s faster, and the flight is a bit more extreme with the lateral movement)

  3. Sam K

    I’m a new player. RHBH. Well, I have been throwing for 2 years now and i can hit 350 with a right disc. This was described as Super flippy by some reviews, I thought it would be suitable for me, i was hoping for straight drives with little fade on this one. I canĀ“t even get straight-ish drive, leaves straight and then hits left hard. Might be me, but just a fair warning, test this first from a friend or in a shop. I don’t have that luxury, only online purchases in Finland for Prodigy.

  4. RJ
    Review Fanatic, L5

    I have yet to throw a disc that is as consistently under stable as this driver. Reminiscent of the Innova Groove, this disc has a section of plastic filed away on the bott side of the flight wing, leaving a lot of room for air to pass under the disc. This unique shape and the discs low profile allow for ridiculous speeds. I just recently purchased a special edition breast cancer awareness D5 and have loved the flight from it on nearly every throw.
    With a speed 13 throw this disc will, and I can’t emphasize this enough, BITE to the right. Care must be taken on the angle of release with this disc, as it is fickle in even the slightest breeze. I do not recommend for beginners as the disc is ruthless with its understability.
    I prefer a light to moderate tailwind when I choose this disc, and will attempt a hyzer flip thien straight at my target. The under lstable nature will carry the disc right, but more often than not the tailwind will activate the fade right on time, leaving me with 400+ foot throw dead ahead from where I released. Massive distance potential, and a disc I am very excited to master.

  5. michael ray riemer
    Reviewer, L2

    My D5 is extremely fast, understable and full of glide. Easily turns with 300′ power. I can it the D5 out around 360′ on a flip hyzer, and more on a big turnover shot. Great beginner driver, and great turning driver.

  6. Alan
    Review Grand Master, L13

    I’m pretty disappointed in the D5. I’m no beginner, but I’m not exactly Mr. Power Arm either. So far I haven’t been able to handle any of the Prodigy Distance drivers. A few months ago when Prodigy said that their focus was moving away from professionals, to less experienced players, I got pretty excited for the new products they would be bringing out.

    I thought this was going to be the fast understable driver that would provide easy beginner distance. I was hoping for something unLace like (which if you haven’t tried the unLace, you should, it’s the most amazingly understable driver ever).

    My 174g D5 is nothing like the unLace. Infact, with my power I don’t even consider this disc understable. The heavier weight probably has something to do with it, but I’m thinking my disc isn’t exactly what Prodigy intended.

    I’m able to get decent distance out of the D5, but my flight path slowly hooks left every time. For me to get max distance, my discs need to see some S curving high speed turn before the gradual end of flight fade. I’m not getting any turn with this disc, and most of my throws fail to reach 300 feet. My best field throw was 333,’ and it got that distance because I released it on a slight anhyzer angle. My flight path with the D5 is nothing like the inBounds path displayed above.

    My D5 is stable enough that I’m even able to flick it, which I usually can’t successfull do with understable discs without them turning into rollers. Perhaps over time this disc will get more understable after I hit a few trees.

    Due to my inability to get big straight flying distance out of the D5, I temporarily lost it in a pond on a big fading shot that was supposed to go straight. Thanks to Reuben’s willingness to go pond sludging, I got it back, and was able to take it out for some additional testing.

    The first thing you’ll notice is that the D5 has a weird V-like canyon in the rim. It’s almost Monarch or Groove like. You’d think that Prodigy would learn from Innova’s mistakes, but apparently they thought it was a good idea.

    If you’re looking for a really understable distance driver, this isn’t it. At least not in max weight. If you’re looking for a disc with a weird groove in the rim, then you’ll want to try the Prodigy D5.

    • Veletsky
      Review Participant, L1

      I should have trusted this review. I would have saved a few bucks. I can turn over my unLace and my MVP Impulse but this disk does not do what I want it to do. I do like the grip though.

    • Michael N

      Exactly the same for me. I’m easily turning over my older destroyers, but can’t get any turn on my new 178g D5. Very disappointing.

    • Michael
      Review Enthusiast, L3

      I was going to wait to place a review till i had used the D5 for at least a couple of weeks but i had to say something after the review above. Maybe i got an understable one but i have a 174g s plastic D5 and I have to say that it is understable, but it is still a speed 13 driver, my first throw with it turned and burned about 350 hard right… I am just now starting to bust the 310 mark on my drives but I have really focused on snap. Iv chucked the D5 and seen a strong pronounced S curve. I have been able to hyzer flip it as well. I will say that this thing is very sensitive to nose angles… When it goes bad it goes really bad. I through a great roller that went out 200 before touching the ground and rolled forever, to bad the hole I was throwing was not that far If you have good form this disc could be something to check out… if you have any type of flutter or off axis torque it is going to be a nightmare of a disc. On the positive note i can tell when my form is bad with this disc.

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