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Prodigy D4

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Disc Information

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The D4 is a slightly understable distance driver in the Prodigy line. This disc is an amazingly far distance driver for intermediate players, and disc golfers with moderate arm speed.  Even beginners and amateurs will have moments where they can make this disc sail. The glide this disc offers is excellent and it has a very limited end of flight fade. The D4 has a soft beveled rim that allows for a smoother, more comfortable release. Some credit the longer flight to the more efficient inner rim.

This disc, like the other drivers in the Prodigy line, have very similar dimensions and the same rim width (2.3 cm). By getting used to similar feeling discs that react differently, disc golfers should be able to throw more consistently and can choose their specific driver based on the shot they face.

The D4 was one of the first two Prodigy Proto’s released, and is now being circulated with the First Run stamp. Only Prodigy knows how much longer they will be releasing these in “First Run”

Prodigy D4 - Understable Driver

Prodigy D4 Dimensions

  • Diameter: 21.0cm (97.41% of average)
  • Height: 1.9cm (94.67% of average)
  • Rim Depth: 1.2cm (94.46% of average)
  • Rim Width: 2.3cm (157.22% of average)
  • Max Weight 174.3g

Prodigy D4 Additional Information:

Primary Use:
Recommended Skill Level:
Plastic grade(s):
Possible Extras:

Turn: -
Fade: Flight Rating: //-/

Overwhelmed? Read about everything mentioned above here: Type, Flight Path, Disc Speed, Stability, Plastic Grade, Disc Extras, Skill Level, Rim Width, Disc Rating and more.

Disc Reviews

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26 Reviews

  1. Tony
    Review Participant, L1

    Just got this puppy in the Air plastic in the mail today. Thrown it exactly twice in a local park. First throw was so-so. Second throw was a personal best. Love it. Straight and fast with a little penetrating fade at the end for me.

  2. Scott Dee
    Review Participant, L1

    I bought a D1 shortly after learning disc golf a couple months ago.
    Couldn’t always throw it hard enough unless it was windy. I would have to throw it with some anhyzer to finish straight.
    I can throw a Valkyrie perfect past 300 ft. I can throw a Wraith but need a slight wind to keep it from being too stable.
    This D4 was my farthest drive ever the first time I threw it at hole 1 of my local course.
    A must have for newer arms…

  3. Moose
    Review Elite, L9

    Prodigy 400 plastic is probably the best feeling on the market. The disc is kind of a funny one to me though. I like it, but I would put the turn a little lower though. It’s a great disc, but my Katana still out drives it.

  4. Rum
    Review Lover, L6

    Oh, I am so very disappointed! This Prodigy D4 400s feels soooo good, but I couldn’t get it to turn at all. This disc performs just like my Lat 64 Halo in Opto, flight ratings 13, 6, 0, 3 if I am not mistaken. Given the flight ratings and feel, I was hoping that it would perform similarly to my Lat 64 Bolt in Recycled plastic, but, sadly, that was not the case. I have nothing negative to say about this disc. I just don’t think that it’s turn rating can be achieved by a mere mortal.

    • Tyler

      I had the same issue with my D4 in the 400s plastic. I would throw it hard and flat, it would stay straight for a little bit, then come crashing down to the left. It had a tiny bit of flash along the bottom rim, such a small amount I though there would be no way it could change its flight at all. I decided to go ahead and sand it off just to try, I mean what did I have to lose? Night and day difference! Flew just like the chart shows.

      Also, for your “fail” on the 156g 350RX. It is pretty typical to see lighter discs in cheaper plastic to be a lot less stable than their premium plastic counterparts.

    • Rum
      Review Lover, L6

      I didn’t have the speed and snap necessary for my first D400, so I purchased a 156g version in 350RX. Sadly, another failure, wildly under stable. I have a Lat 64 Diamond 156g, and a Innova GStar Tern 162g which both perform right to their flights ratings for me, both have a turn rating of -3 as does the D400. The 350RX version just turns and burns. It’s a rare disc that I can overpower.

    • Scott Dee
      Review Participant, L1

      you should just buy another D4 and the characteristics will be closer to what you expect-yours is probably a bit more stable hence no high speed turn…

  5. Darman
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    This is my most consistent and accurate bomber-distance disc. It has a lot of HST, but it has enough fade (like a Katana) to come back. I have a handful of Katanas, and the D4 consistently outshines them, especially if accuracy is taken into consideration. I can only get comparable distance with katanas at lower weights, which makes them a little less controllable and reduces their LSF. I’m playing mostly in the winter at 6000 ft and use the D4 for 440 to 500 ft on flat ground. The extra weight (compared to lighter katanas) makes this a great down hill disc. I’d worry that at lower altitudes and warmer temps this guy might turn too much for people shooting for similar distances.

    • Darman
      Review Enthusiast, L3

      Whoops, I have that temperature comment backwards – warmer temperatures will give this disc greater relative stability, not less. Sorry about that.

  6. Scott Walters

    173g 400g in light blue. I use this disc backhand only and for distances around 300 feet that require dog leg right with a lot of torque. Also use it for double dog legs to the right with minimum torque to get a straight fade at the end.

  7. Jeffrey Wigington

    I’m not a big arm thrower and I prefer low speed distance drivers so for me this disc didn’t work out so well. I tried throwing it hard but alas, I didn’t get enough speed on it and it pretty much immediately faded, as is normal. I’m going to stick with some lower speed levels that get the job done for me.

  8. Lee Dubya

    The max weight is a sham. My D4 purchased today 6-27-13, weighs 175.8 grams. I work in a lab with scientifically calibrated scales that read to the .001 gram. Don’t believe the weight you read when you get new plastic.

  9. Matt F
    Review Lover, L6

    Now that I’ve had some time to get used to this disc and have it break in a little bit, I am comfortable giving it a review now.

    For starters, this is one of the best feeling high speed discs that I have gotten my hands on. It does not feel like the rim is actually that wide when gripped.

    My main function for this disc are those holes where you just have to bomb something. I find the D4 excels for this, by far one of the discs I can get out the farthest. After being able to break this thing in, when ripped on a slight hyzer to flat, it will flip up and just glide and glide and glide some more with just subtle fade on the very end of the flight. With a proper rip, I see this flat almost every time.

    One downfall to it though is that I find the D4 is a bit more nose sensitive than other discs. If that nose goes up, there goes your noob hyzer shot with no turn at all but that glide puts it out farther and deeper in the rough.

    Of course all of this is based on the proto version so First Run or regular ran may be slightly different.

  10. Brandon
    Reviewer, L2

    This disc is growing on me.

    When I first got it, I did not have the arm strength to get this disc up to speed at all and it would just die out and fade hard quite quickly.

    After some form tweaking and getting a little more arm speed, I am finally seeing the turn on this disc, and it will turn for a while before it starts coming back. I am now getting much more distance with this disc than any other in my bag.

    I am excited to continue to see what this disc can do now that I am improving my game with it.

  11. Landon
    Review Extroadinaire, L11

    I don’t know what to say about this disc….other than…it straight bombs. It’s really not THAT understable, at least not brand new. Plastic is great. Love the quick release. Ill have more on this after I get more testing done. For now, just know it has a nice degree of high speed turn, and finished with a decent fade. It’s a bomber.

    • Landon Lockhart
      Review Extroadinaire, L11

      My goodness…it bombs!! Lol. Get one while they are on sale.

  12. Brad C.
    Review Participant, L1


    First of all the grip on this plastic is the best I’ve felt, super grippy!! I have only thrown the D4 but I like it so much I’m going to get the D1 as well. Prodigy calls the D4 understable, that being said I was imagining something like a Mamba. I don’t throw many understable discs but after talking with my local prodigy dealer he recommended I give it a try. It was love at first toss. The D4 simply bombs… definitely one of the furthest flying discs I have thrown.

    I tested the D4 into a moderate headwind and tailwind. In a headwind the D4 flew more like I would expect from an understable disc, it turned over and then fought back for a nice little fade at the end of flight, went about 300ft into a headwind. This disc is a thing of beauty with a tailwind though, threw it on several holes with a tailwind and overthrew the basket several times on 350′ holes. I was easily throwing 400′ with a tailwind. The high speed turn is very gentle with a nice forward finishing fade. D4 definitely earned a spot in my bag and has caused me to think about changing up my predominantly Innova/Discraft disc selection.

    I am really impressed with the D4 and am looking forward to adding more prodigy plastic to my bag!!

  13. michael
    Review Fanatic, L5

    i feel that the flight ratings on this disc are slightly off they said it was supposed to be like a Katana but in my opinion it is right in the middle between a bolt and star boss do not get me wrong it is fairly understable but dont expect it to turn over right away after usually i am about a 300ft thrower but on a reel good rip i can get it just over 340ft highly recomend it for amature to intermiediate players.

  14. Hoang H.
    Review Supporter, L4

    The prodigy D4 first looks and feels great. It’s got a nice soft feel in the middle and the rim is grippy. I’m a Forehand Left when I try to through this into the wind it flips on me like how you would do an overhead throw. My send throw was in awlful it went far right and would not turn back but deep hard down and roll for miles away from the basket. My third shot did the same I don’t think this disc is made for a forehand throw. When I use this disc as a back hand throw it went beautifully!!!

  15. Tricia Lafferty
    Review Lover, L6

    I bought my Prodigy discs with the intention of putting them away to collect. But, the urge to throw them was too great. I waited until we got a few inches of soft snow on the ground to go throw them so they wouldn’t get banged up. First off, the plastic they are made from is really soft and grippy as heck. I love the feel of it. The rim underneath is super smooth, and my short fingers easily wrap around and grip really well. It feels like the disc fits my hand perfectly. Since I haven’t been playing that long, I don’t have the strongest arm, or can throw super far yet. However, my first throw with it went way further than I expected. Since I was throwing in my yard, which isn’t all that long, I threw with only about half of what I would normally drive with. It sailed almost to the end of the yard with very little effort. So far I am impressed, and I’m considering buying another one to throw out on the course.

  16. Andy Adamek
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    So far I am not impressed, Since they were out of stock everywhere online as soon as I heard my local shop had them I dropped what I was doing and ran out to get them. They don’t live up to the hype at all. The plastic feels nice but the colors are nasty and it doesn’t go where I want it. I tried many different throws and it just doesn’t work for me.

  17. Jimbo Schoder
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    I just got my D4 today, 170 grams. I was expecting a more understable driver. For my form this disc follows a straight line about 250 feet and then falls off to the right about a foot. Not what i was hoping for, however it has filled a gap in my bag, by flying so straight.

    Happy throwing!

  18. Doug
    Review Extroadinaire, L11

    I have a 174 D4 in Proto Plastic. After my first round with this disc, it disappointed me. I expected more distance and more high speed turn. But, the D4 has since come back strong. This disc flies amazingly well as a hyzer flip because it stays so straight and doesn’t drop left too much. I can also get massive distance with this if there is a tailwind and I snap it hard. Still waiting for this disc to “break in.”

  19. Wow!

    That’s all I can say about the D4. First off, the plastic looks and feels amazing. I’ve heard it compared to Innova’s old CE line, but as a player from the CE era, I can tell you that it is similar, but not quite. It’s more like the highest quality Opto Plastic from Lat64. Great, fingerprinty feel and super bright colors…you won’t be losing this one in the snow! It also feels great in the hand…very easy to get a good grip and wrist angle. The D4 that I threw also had NO flashing on the bottom of the rim, which meant right out the gate it was good to go.

    My first throw of the D4 was an absolute bomb. No warm-up, three step run-up, 40 degrees at 5000 ft. elevation and it probably landed within 60 feet of my all-time max throw. I got excited and kept throwing for nearly an hour in an open field, just enjoying the flight path of this amazing disc. When released clean, it zips out of the hand and starts a very gentle turn, before beggining it’s forward-penetrating fade. It comes to a nice, smooth landing. With wrist-angle hyzer, it will flip flat and still fade left at the end of the path (though I noticed on hyzer flip the fade was much harder). With arm-angle hyzer, it will hold the line all the way to the ground. When putting some anny on it, it will hold the line and fight out of it a little at the end. When thrown flat it produces a beautiful S-Curve turnover shot with no effort or wrist manipulation needed.

    I am a consistend 350 foot thrower with my Laces, Kraits and Destroyers. After an hour of field work with the D4, I can now, in all honesty, call myself a consistent 400 foot thrower. This disc is perfect for intermediate to advanced players looking for that perfect disc to bomb huge runs with.

    Highly, HIGHLY reccomended.

  20. Lance N.
    Review Participant, L1

    As stated in my review of the D1 the feel of these discs is like nothing else. The d4 is more my kind of disc only because I am a newer player, and still don’t have the arm speed and power of the more experience players. The d4 really has a great consistent flight. stays on a tight line if you release with some hyzer. If you throw understable discs then you will want one of these in your bag. If your looking for max distance though but cant throw the overstable D1 i suggest waiting for the D3 or D2.

  21. Sean Puffer
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    The D4 flies so far without ease. I can get this past 350 without even trying on a slick tee pad in the middle of winter. When thrown with some power it will need some hyzer. It stand up almost immediately, turns for a little bit and has a very predictable fade. Farthest I’ve thrown this is close to 400 if not over in a little tailwind, but mind you it felt like -30 so I had a ton of layers on. This will be my go to driver on wide open holes for sure. Mine is a 174, can’t wait to pick up some lighter weights.

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