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Prodigy D3

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The D3 is the thinnest disc in the Prodigy distance driver line, with a height of just 1.7 centimeters. Like the D1 and D2, this is another ultra fast driver with a 2.3cm wide rim. The D3 is said to be a stable flying driver with incredible glide. Prodigy claims this disc will be for flip hyzer shots, but stable enough that it’s not going to turn over on powerful throws.

Prodigy D3

Prodigy D3 Dimensions

  • Diameter: 21.0cm (97.41% of average)
  • Height: 1.7cm (86.67% of average)
  • Rim Depth: 1.2cm (94.46% of average)
  • Rim Width: 2.3cm (157.22% of average)
  • Max Weight 174.3g

Prodigy D3 Additional Information:

Primary Use:
Recommended Skill Level: ,
Plastic grade(s):
Possible Extras:

Turn: -
Fade: Flight Rating: //-/

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22 Reviews

  1. Tom

    Recently came back to disc golf after a few years away from the game and decided to try some discs from all the new disc companies, including the D3. Having taken this disc out for a few rounds and some practice this past week, I have to say I’m really impressed. As it seems this goes without saying, the 400 plastic from Prodigy is absolutely phenomenal. Supper grippy, but not so much that it sticks in your hand, and I can tell already that this stuff can take a beating. I started playing when champion/Z plastics where still pretty new and we all thought “this is great, how could plastic get any better?” Then Star/ESP plastics came out and again we thought we had hit the zenith of plastic production. Now Prodigy is here to show us that we ain’t seen nothing yet.

    My D3 is 173g in a peach orange color. So far, it’s been an absolute bullet off the tee. Throwing RHBH, I get just a touch of high speed turn, before a beautiful straight flight and and a nice slow fade. Right out of the hand, I can feel and see that this disc is fast. I throw in the low 300s with fairway drivers and previous pushed about 350′ with my Surges but after a few rounds with this and I’m approaching/surpassing 400′. Certainly this disc requires a capable arm and some good technique. I definitely have to focus and give it my all with each throw, but it’s worth the effort.

  2. Umesh
    Review Elite, L9

    D3 in 400s max weight is an overstable driver for me in a backhand. I can’t get the true flight with my RHBH as I don’t have a big arm. I normally throw 350+ consistently these days though with my destroyer, lace and D4. I use this disc for sidearm throw. When new it was darn good for side arm which would produce no turn. Now it’s slightly beat up, and it turns a a good bit (like -2 to -3). I threw couple RHBH recently and it seemed to take a true flight path as mentioned above. May be this disc needs a little time to get seasoned for an intermediate thrower like me. I don’t recommend this disc for beginners.

  3. Gary
    Review Fanatic, L5

    This disc is growing on me. Still not fully broken in, it feels very stable with very little fade. That is really nice as it allows me to throw it hard and flat, or even hold a gentle anny, or hyzer.

    A little too domey for high winds, but it is becoming my control driver for gentle turns either way.

    • Gary
      Review Fanatic, L5

      Now that my D3 is broken in it has become my workhorse driver. At 85% power I throw it dead straight. At 100% power with a slight hyzer release it will flip and turn slightly, but then come back. Longest disc in the bag at the moment. Still works well for forhand shots too. I only bring out the D1 when I need more fade or I’m facing headwinds.

    • Gary
      Review Fanatic, L5

      I can even use this thing on forehand shots. Really liking how much power this disc can handle and still hold a straight line with very mild fade. I don’t get massive distance with it, but I can get about 90% of max distance, and it’s really easy to keep it on the fairway. Loving this disc more each day.

  4. Michael
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    I have to say that I was only getting around 275 on average on my drives. I was using all MVP so I was only driving with fairway drivers. I have built my throw around snap and not torque. So when I picked up a 166 gram D3 i was throwing 300 to 325 and the disc moves steady right with small fade at the end. I also throw with no run up, stand still throw. This is with a proto D3 so if you have good snap then you may be able to handle this driver even if you are not busting large number on your drive and you get a lite weight one. Im waiting on a 163g D1 in G plastic to arrive so i can see if it will give me more fade back.

  5. Doug B
    Review Fanatic, L5

    My proto D3 has become my goto distance driver. It flexes, but always comes back. I am running it 375-430ft. For me it works like a champ beast, but gives more distance and doesn’t turn-n-burn even when given a good anhyzer throw.

  6. Nathan Abernathy
    Reviewer, L2

    I can almost compare any prodigy driver to another company’s disc, but definitely not this one. It comes close to some discs but its always a slower speed or less glide than a certain disc, it has been my favorite driver in the prodigy lineup, and is really unique, and fits my power throwing style perfectly.

    The characteristics are very unique and hard to explain, but ill try to explain it the very best that I can. One thing you have to know about these Prodigy Discs are, you have to have a powerful arm to get the flight in all of the charts that you see on signs and what not. OK, lets get to the base of this disc. You could call this disc neutral stable, to slightly stable. These Discs fly the best for my throwing style, unless I can crank one in an open field. This disc can turn over a bit much if you crank it too hard. You might need a D2 for big open shots if you have a slightly big arm. since there aren’t many open shots at my local course, i cant throw as hard as i can in tight gaps, it is uncontrolled and wont get you the shot that you want. When you are at the course, or at least me anyway, i pull out my F3 or D4 for warm-up. It seems the more warmed up you are, you can throw something stable, I made the mistake of throwing this for a first shot in doubles, and it stabled out for me, and almost went O.B.. So, you might want to wait for the second round to bring out the “big boys” in your bag. So, once you get to that nice warmed up arm speed, get this disc out. Throw it hard, after all, prodigy discs are a high speed and require a high amount of snap on them. This disc will go straight, then it will slowly go right, and when it lands it should skip (if you have dry grass) and it will be almost 400 Ft. away from you. The first time I threw it, I was completely amazed with it and thought i would keep it in my bag.

    So, that is about the best I can do to explain the flight of this disc. This was the third prodigy disc i got. Even four months ago, I did not throw with as much snap as i do now. Even the D4 was to my surprise, almost stable when it was new. If you had any other companies disc with the same numbers would not fly as stable as a new disc. I am sure it would not fly the same for me now, but it would come close to being more stable than anyone would think. This Discs actually are not that stable, just more than you would expect from the numbers of the disc.

    I honestly did not like this disc a ton when i got it and was shocked about how it flew from the numbers. I fell in love with this disc after I watched Will Shusterick’s driving video and found out why i was throwing off aim and needed a tremendous amount of snap to throw these discs flat. I like to throw my discs flat, That is just the way I throw. It never worked for me to get a stable disc and throw an anny with it. I get a neutral-stable disc, and it hooks right, and fades. This has worked the best for me with my throwing style. If you throw anything like me, you will like this disc, a lot.

    This is what I think of the D3 in the Prodigy Disc lineup. If you throw prodigy and you have a throwing style like me, this disc is a must have in your bag.

  7. Landon Lockhart
    Review Extroadinaire, L11

    I hate not leaving good reviews but I feel that I have to be unbiased and just say how I feel about it. I really don’t like it that much. I really like my D4, but even it isn’t my absolute favorite. The d3 is supposed to be a hyzer flip disc….yeah… Maybe for the Incredible Hulk. Maybe it’s just my disc, but it is kind of overstable to a silly degree. I was expecting a slightly more stable D4, but in my experience, with my disc…it’s more overstable than my cannon, ti nuke, halo, havoc, and well, almost everything. I’ve thrown it 420 + ft, but I had to put a pretty massive rip on this thing and throw it very straight to even a little anny. Maybe everyone’s discs are not like mine, but this is my experience with it.

    • Caleb Brown
      Review Supporter, L4

      I’m pretty sure you got a very overstable mold, I have two and they both fly like broken in destroyers, I threw fuzion and bio-fuzion trespasses, my d3s have a hair more turn than any of those. Just for reference.

  8. Doug
    Review Extroadinaire, L11

    My D3 is 170 grams. I cannot get this disc up to speed on backhand throws, so I will be primarily using it for big sidearm drives and headwind backhand throws.

    When I throw the D3 sidearm, anhyzer releases will sometimes flip over too much into the ground. I haven’t figured out how to give it enough air to flex out of that turn yet. On flat flicks, I usually get a smooth turn, big distance, and a consistent fade back to the right. I can also get some nice skip sidearm drives if I keep the D3 low and rip it hard. It will go straight for about 250 feet and then stable out and skip hard right.

    Overall, not a beginner’s disc and requires a lot of power to be thrown correctly. I should really like this disc for big sidearm drives, but I probably won’t be getting too much use out of it. I’d rather stick to my D1 for flicks.

  9. Billy Winters
    Review Supporter, L4

    D3, what can you say about this disc, you want something that will do what you tell it? You want a disc that feels right in the hand? Scared that you can control a 13 speed?
    Now take all that a push it out the window. Click the details button and order yours now. Don’t wait. Get it.

    The D2 was a great disc for me, the D1 was a great disc, the D4 is a great disc……so the D3 is a great disc. It feels like a Tern right off the bat but after a round or two and you see how it hugs the lines (if you release it bad it will go bad fast) and like the movie Driven you can see all fade away and the line its going to take. I took the Tern out of me bag and put into my others bag after just two rounds with this.

    Its my fast Valkyrie! Holds true, cant wait to beat it in…put some tree loving on it.

    • Landon Lockhart
      Review Extroadinaire, L11

      Maybe I got an odd batch… My D3 is NOTHING like a Tern. I roll turns almost every time. I don’t roll my D3.

  10. geoffrey law
    Review Lover, L6

    The D3 is very similar to the D1 flight and look wise.
    I’m not gonna go into detail on the plastic (read my other reviews to get an idea) as its the same plastic as all of their other discs.
    The flight of this thing is similar to the D1. I did notice that it is a lot tighter on its s curve and fade than the D1. You really have to crank on this disc to get it out there or it just hyzers out and dies on you. If you can get it straight and with a lot of power its a beauty to watch and will not let you down. It has a good gently fade at the end if thrown with the power it needs. My buddy got his out about 400 ft today with a crosswind and it was pretty spectacular. The only problem i have with this disc and its a problem with all the prodigy’s i have is the easy release technology. Some people might not have a problem with it but i found myself releasing a lot earlier than planned because of this. I don’t think it would be a problem for everyone but every 4 outta 5 throws for me it comes out to early.
    I will be bagging his disc because it is easy to throw and can give you some great D if you need it. I would not recommend this disc for any beginners though.

  11. For me, it’s a toss-up between this and the D4 as far as the best drivers that Prodigy makes..but I wouldn’t say that makes them great discs, just decent. For one, there are very subtle differences between the D3 and the D4. the D4 does have more turn, but it also has more fade. The D3 has a much tighter flight path. Still has turn and fade, just much less on the extreme side of things. Like all the Prodigy drivers, this should not be thrown by begginers. it has a huge rim and needs to be thrown very hard to get it to behave properly. Just like I put in my review of the D2, if you’re not throwing over 350 feet (at least) I wouldn’t even attempt to throw this disc. The plastic blend, is, of course, amazing as it is with all the prodigy releases so far.

    I like this thing best on a really hard, fast, flat throw. If you keep it low (and, again, if you have enough ARM SPEED)watch it skim the ground for about 300-320 feet and then take the gnarliest, straightest skip you’ve ever seen. I can see a lot of people getting skip aces with this bad boy. With a little more air under it, you can really see the glide as it will turn slightly at its highest speed, before fading back around the 350-375 foot mark. it will dive out of the air if you’re not getting enough speed on it, so be aware of that. It holds a hyzer line much better than the D2, in that it can be used for shallow and mellow hyzers as well as the big sky hyzers. it can also be launched into big turnovers, but it won’t fight back quite as hard as a D1/2 so be a little careful of how much hyzer you put on it.

    I can easily say this is my favorite of the Prodigy Drivers released thus far. it’s very useful for me, and with the “easy-release” technology, is pretty good to go ont hose big rips. It doesn’t do anything for me that anything else in my bag doesn’t do already, but if you are a high-level player then you could definetly get some good use out of this. One more time, jsut because I had to see newer players sabotoging themselves with discs that are above their skill level: NOT FOR BEGGINERS!

  12. Zacke
    Review Fanatic, L5

    The Prodigy D3 is an excellent disc for holes 200-500 feet. I did find the disc to be kind of slow, but with the right power it can go a good distance. The disc flies straight with a slight left turn at the end. I love Prodigy products and now prefer them over any other disc company. If I had a choice between this and my Tern I would choose this disc (for the right hole of course).

    • 200 feet? I would never throw this thing on a 200 foot hole. It needs to be thrown very hard. Try a mid-range on a hole that distance, I think you’ll be pleasantly suprised.

      • Landon Lockhart
        Review Extroadinaire, L11

        250 ft with this disc will get you a hyzer from the get go. Definitly not its intended flight path.

  13. Clayton
    Review Participant, L1

    This is my go to disc for staright long shots. I wouldn’t use any other disc for those long fairway shots that cannot fade to far left.

  14. JT

    I tried a few of them and they all seem to be even more overstable than the D1 or close to an innova ape only slower. A little disappointed in the lack of consistency coming out of Prodigy so far. Love the feel of the plastic and the mids seem very consistent.

    • Anthony
      Review Enthusiast, L3

      I think you’re not throwing the disc hard enough. Prodigy’s LOVE to get thrown hard and if you aren’t doing that it isn’t going to fly properly for you. You should be throwing the D3 atleast 350 feet for it to work like it’s supposed too. Hope that helps!

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