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Prodigy D2


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As the second distance driver in the all new Prodigy line, the D2 is very similar to the D1. This driver has the same diameter, height, rim depth, and wing length, according to With a 2.3 cm wing, this will be a very fast driver.

The Prodigy D2 is supposed to be an overstable disc, but not quite as overstable as the D1. We anticipate it will have a higher degree of high speed turn than the D1, and slightly less low speed fade. This should be a consistent flyer that can be used by players from a variety of skill levels. The new Prodigy discs are said to have straighter flight paths than conventional high speed distance drivers.

Prodigy D2

Prodigy D2 Dimensions

  • Diameter: 21.0cm (97.41% of average)
  • Height: 1.9cm (94.67% of average)
  • Rim Depth: 1.2cm (94.46% of average)
  • Rim Width: 2.3cm (157.22% of average)
  • Max Weight 174.3g

Prodigy D2 Additional Information:

Primary Use:
Recommended Skill Level:
Plastic grade(s):
Possible Extras:

Turn: -
Fade: Flight Rating: //-/

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16 Reviews

  1. Drew
    Reviewer, L2

    So far I have loved all the prodigy disc I have used. (M1, M3, Pa1, Pa4) this was the first driver I bought in the prodigy line. I got a 172 gram 400s d2. Personally i think you need a big arm for this disc. This is definitely not a beginner disc. I can throw my Discraft Force about 300 350 feet everytime, the d2 gave me a little more distance and that was a bonus! It took me a little bit of time to figure this disc out I think it just needs to get beat in for you to see the true flight path and truly enjoy what the d2 has to offer.

  2. JB
    Review Fanatic, L5

    Bought a 400G series D2 looking for something to fit between my world/enforcer and my trespass. this disc was a great choice. Other sites have it listed as a 12 5 0 3 which i thought was very accurate. Has the same feel as my trespass and enforcer. The 400G plastic is some of the best feeling plastic i have in my bag. I have bought other prodigy discs that have had a very pronounced dome to it and their flights weren’t very consistent but my D2 is a great disc.

  3. TheGrim
    Review Supporter, L4

    This is another disc that has grown on me immensely as my arm has developed.

    I am a flicker (RHFH) and let me tell you, this is one of the best feeling discs in my hand. The plastic is smooth and it just glides off your hand like butta!

    I’m not sure I agree with the Innova numbers that this one gets, (13,6,-1,3). For me I’d say more like -1,2, like a slightly more stable and faster Archon. So why is it important that I say it’s a 3 instead of a 3 for the fade? Because a 3 would typically indicate that it’s a good stable disc good for the wind. The D2 is not. I don’t care for it in any kind of wind, but it’s ok with a tail.

    It is, however, exceptional in the rain. I attribute this to the plastic more than the design. It provides just enough grip that the disc isn’t slippery when wet, but not so much that it clings to your hand.

    As for range, I can usually hit 400+ ft with the right disc. This one usually goes about 350-380, but that seems to be improving as it gets more use. In all, I’m falling more and more in love with this thing as time goes on.

  4. Matthew Bailey

    Love the D2. Discs in my bag include a Z plastic Avenger SS, a Nuke SS, a Star Boss, an XS and the D2 has become my go-to driver. Thrown side arm, the disc flies extremely fast with exceptional accuracy and as a side note the disc has insane skipping ability. When thrown at high speeds it will often skip back off the ground for a good bonus 5 to 10 feet. Also i have rolled the disc before too. It really can do about anything and beats any of my other drivers for distance.

  5. Michael
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    I have a 165g D2 in the G plastic. Its not very stable… The lite D3 i have is fairly stable but its in S plastic.. I use the D2 for some really pretty sweeping anhyzer shots that hold the line all the way to the ground. If i throw this thing flat it will turn and burn. But if i take a little off this thing glides really far with out allot of effort. Im not sure if the G plastic or the weight is the cause of the flippyness. I average around 310 for my drives for your reference.

    • Umesh
      Review Elite, L9

      I first thought you must be throwing some 600 ft as you mentioned when you throw D2 flat, it turns and burns. Then I saw your average distance 310 ft. It is kinda hard to swallow that D2 turn and burn for you. I doubt that your flat throw is really flat??

      • Mista Glista
        Review Enthusiast, L3

        For comparison, I throw my 173g D3 (in the more stable 400s plastic) 325′ dead straight with a subtle finishing fade. Is it really that hard to believe that a similar disc 8g lighter and in less stable plastic could turn and burn if thrown with the same strength? Very plausible in my opinion.

        Don’t smugly discredit sincere reviews posted by others, especially when you’ve claimed some suspect distance numbers yourself.

  6. Doug B
    Review Fanatic, L5

    Jury is still out on the D2. My proto was great off the shelf, lots of glide, but has turned more flippy than I would like. I grabbed a 400G version and it is different. Honestly it flies about like the inbounds chart. That is good, but I don’t like that it differs so much from my proto 400S.

    Based on the way my production disc flies, I could get by without it. Give me a D1 and a D3 and I will be good to go. I am still lugging it around and hope that once it is broken in I will find it more useful.

  7. Peter Erickson
    Reviewer, L2

    I have found the reviews of D1, D2, D3 and D4 interesting.

    I absolute love the feel of the Prodigy plastic and the feel. My go to putter in the circle is a PA2. My go to long mid is a M3 Proto (now an M2). My go to straight mid is an M4 400 series. The F3 has been an awesome add for fighting wind in my fairway game.

    The hallmark of the drivers in inconsistency in manufacturing. For the cost of these discs, I expect far more. The other side is a solid toss with one of these is fantastic in the wind. My go to long driver is a Lace. If there is some wind, more than 10 mph, I switch up to a D2. The disc to disc manufacturing difference of the D3s is unforgivable. Let me know if you want one. I have about 6 of them. In the D2, the opaque plastic is very consistent disc to disc. I have 4 that are roughly the same weight and each flies the same, with the same throw mechanics.

    Ultimately, I did find the D2 to fit a niche in my bag. Having tried the other manufactures overstable high speed drivers, this one is a fave (again opaque plastic). If I am going past 330 feet, Lace of D2 come out. My go to for D is the Lace. If there is wind, no question, the D2 comes out. A few D1 is in my bag as well. The flight path LH or RH is fairly special both LSS and HSS.

    Oddly, I have not found disc to disc differences in the putters, mids or fairways. Perhaps this is due to the sample size.

    Under 330 feet, I use a Styker or Saint. These provide accuracy by expected flight path, throwing technique, and plastic version.

    I hope this is useful. Huk happy!

  8. Matt Martinez
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    I got my D2 and it is almost indistinguishable from the D1. They both look and feel the same and is difficult to tell them apart. With that in mind, I decided to take them both out to field test to compare them. Having had my D1 longer, I threw it first (RHBH) and as always it flew for a pretty decent distance of about 350-400 feet. The D1 is pretty overstable and has pretty decent fade to the left at the end of the flight. When I threw the D2, it flew for about the same distance but had a somewhat different flight path. Instead of a more straight and fade path like the D1, the D2 had a slight more turn to it, (a bit of an s-flight) and then a fade. The fade at the end wasn’t as drastic as the D1 but it was still pretty overstable.
    Overall the D2 is a great disc very similar to the D1. I highly recommend this to all. Not only does it fly good but the Prodigy plastic feels amazing!!

  9. Dan Meade
    Reviewer, L2

    I just purchased the D2 and it’s my first prodigy brand disc. I play a screwton of golf with a variety of discs, and I know how my flight paths. This disc is not as overstable as everyone else says. It has an amazing feeling plastic, flies far, but definitely not overstable.
    I’d call the innova’s ape or max overstable. This flies straight as all getout with a little fade at the end. You put just a bit of turnover on the shot, or shape your shot, and this disc doesn’t seem to want to go left. I don’t know if it’s doing this because it’s a proto and not a production disc, but it is NOT overstable.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love this disc, and recommend it to everyone. Just don’t expect somethin super overstable.

  10. Billy Winters
    Review Supporter, L4

    I received this disc and thought that it felt much like the D1. The plastic all the way down to the lip. So was little anxious to see how the handled on my home course. Right, left, straight up trees and over the waters…this course has it all.
    Hole 1 is straight 550′ I launch this bad boy, drifts right out of the had then fades back left….I was stunned at the distance. I launched the D1 and I kids you not just alittle further fade at the end. Hole 5 straight corridor then buried in the trees to the left. Launched it on a hyzer down the right side with alittle height (RHBH) got up over the trees and settled about 50′ from the pin. Best shot ever on that hole.
    Over the water, was very nervous on this one, strong left to right wind. Released flat and hit the basket 245’…..almost had an ace on the 12! I would recommend this disc to anyone!!!!!! After trying others and been playing for 1 year, this will make its was into my bag.

  11. geoffrey law
    Review Lover, L6

    Andy hit the nail on the head. i have purchased the d1 from prodigy and i could not tell a difference in this discs or the d1. They even made it the same color.
    The plastic is the strong point on this disc. All prodigy discs i have come across have some of the best feeling plastic on the market.
    Flight wise it flies for me exactly as the d1. It’s a very very overstable disc. As soon as it comes out of my hand its immediately on a huge hyzer. I throw it on a hyzer its on a huge hyzer. I throw it with an an-hyzer and it turns into a hyzer.
    This disc can be a great disc for some people, (maybe i am just not throwing it right) but i will not be baggin it.

  12. I have to strongly disagree with Zacke, who wrote the first review of the D2. This disc, for me, is a serious misfire for Prodigy Discs. How so? It is the EXACT SAME DISC AS THE D1. I’m at a skill level now where I can recognize small differnces in flight patterns, and I can tell you straight up: the Proto D2 is the same disc as the production-run D1. No…difference.

    The plastic (as in all Prodigy discs) is the strong point here. Amazing feel and grip and the D2 I threw has some really cool swirls in the plastic. The vaunted ‘easy-release technology’ on the Prodigy Drivers is very apparent in the hand. When thrown with good power (which you have to) you can hear an audible “SNAP” when your fingertips slap your palm. This can result in a few early-releases until you learn the disc. It’s also very glidey, which can help stretch the distance on your shots.

    Flight path is decidedly overstable. There is no turn on this thing…it is extremely high speed stable. it has a healthy fade on the end (just like the D1) If you are throwing 350-400 feet with this thing, as I was getting out of it, you’ll notice a fairly gentle fade. less high-powered throwers will see it dive bomb out of the sky on any drive under 340 feet or so. It will hole a hyzer line all the way into the dirt…in fact, it’s so OS it’s difficult to get a smooth, low hyzer shot out of it. High spike hyzers are the shot this disc excels at. It’s definetly OS enough to get a big turnover shot out of it…you just have to put a lot of stank and a lot of anhyzer on it. Don’t worry, it will fight out and still finish to the left (thrown RHBH.)

    This disc isn’t bad, per se, it’s just the same disc as the D1, which is a good disc, especially for huge arms and highly advanced players. I worry that begginers or those with low-power will be sucked into buyin Prodigy drivers by their awesome Pro Team and their fantastic players. I cannot stress enough that this driver, as all of Prodigy Drivers, ARE NOT FOR BEGGINERS. If you aren’t throwing over 350 feet, do not attempt to throw this driver…it will jsut be a big meathook for you.

    Again, not a bad disc, but if you like it, purchase a D1. They are PDGA legal for tournament play (the D2 and D3 are not…yet)and will have much less variance run to run than the Protos.

    • Caleb Brown
      Review Supporter, L4

      The d2 is not the d1. Mine fits perfectly in between the d1 and the d3, just my two cents. Whether it works for you or not is a different story. But I can tell the difference

  13. Zacke
    Review Fanatic, L5

    This is my third Prodigy disc I have purchased. I have absolutely fallen in love with this company and their discs! The plastic feels incredible in your hand. I have only used this disc for 36 holes, but it has replaced my Innova Tern as my primary driver. I still love my Tern, but the Prodigy D2 is a notch better. On a scale of 1-10 the Tern is a 9 and the D2 is a 10. Love this disc.

    I threw this disc as my primary driver today and found it to fly very straight with a late left turn. It can certainly grab some air and drift high if you throw it incorrectly. I prefer this disc on holes 200-300 feet in distance. For longer distance throws I prefer the D3.

    If you are curious about this disc… BUY IT! You will not be sorry I assure you. To top it all off, this product is MADE IN THE USA!

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