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Prodigy D1

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Many of the top disc golf pros in the world have converted to Prodigy Discs, with the D1 being the preferred driver of choice.

The Prodigy D1 is an overstable, ultra high speed driver – we’ve given it a speed 13 using the Innova system. Like all very high speed drivers, the D1 has a thick (2.3 cm) rim. While the rim is considered thick, it is not maximum PDGA width.  The width is the same as discs such as the Innova Krait and Westside King. While the D1 is overstable, it isn’t a “meathook”, or one we would classify as “very overstable.” The inner rim is comfortable, as Prodigy utilizes the “easy release technology” that reduces any wear on your hand that may result from frequent play.

The D1 is a fantastic driver for power throwers, windy shots, forehand throws, and strategic doglegs.

Prodigy D1

Prodigy D1 Dimensions

  • Diameter: 21.0cm (97.41% of average)
  • Height: 1.9cm (94.67% of average)
  • Rim Depth: 1.2cm (94.46% of average)
  • Rim Width: 2.3cm (157.22% of average)
  • Max Weight 174.3g

Prodigy D1 Additional Information:

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Recommended Skill Level:
Plastic grade(s):
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Turn: -
Fade: Flight Rating: //-/

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28 Reviews

  1. Andy
    Reviewer, L2

    Awesome disc! I just traded some 10 year old an old 136g. blizzard Vulcan I had for a 175g. D1, it worked out well for both of us. This D1 is the ducks nuts! It does what I want it to, nice straight flight with a consistent fade. The shape of the disc is perfect for my hands and the 400s plastic is super grippy. I have only thrown this thing a few times and already I think it is a mind reader, somehow it seems to do just what I want it to. This is my first prodigy disc and so far I am really pleased, like someone else posted earlier it fits right between a Boss and an Ape in terms of flight. It goes straight at first like an Ape but then fades nicely like a Boss with plenty of glide in between. I think the rating of 13-6-0-3 is spot on, great disc all around it more predictable than my 174g. legacy Rampage in pinnacle plastic. I don’t think it’s quite as long as the Rampage but it’s way more consistent and accurate. I can’t side arm for shit but my buddy can and he has one just like mine and loves it for flicking, he throws it past 400 pretty regularly. I am not as strong as him and I get about 350 off of a RHBH throw with the D1, GREAT DISC!

  2. Anthony tester
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    I have fallen in love with the D1! The plastic is AWSOME and the feel in the hand is sooooo comfy! This thing has become my main driver. Long straight throws both forehand and backhand. Fights wind well and doesn’t skip to badly. If you’re serious about your golf game then this may be the disc for you. Definatly a must try.

  3. Joshua Eaves

    I love this disc , i actually found my D-1 two weeks ago and it improve my drives tremendously by 50 feet , the plastic feels great in your hand almost like the latitude 64 opto plastic but with a better grip , i recommend everyone should have one in there bag

  4. Scott Walters

    I have this disc in the 165g 400g pink. Overstable and great into a head wind. Backhand I release this disc flat for a straight shot that needs a good fade at the end. Forehand I release it very flat as well for shots that require a fade at about 275 feet. This disc has been very straight in flight for me and will flex slightly into the find. Prodigy at the 400g and signute level make some of the best feeling discs I have ever thrown.

  5. RC
    Review Fanatic, L5

    I use this disc primarily for LOOOONG flex-shots with tons of room to spare on the fairway. You really have to crank it so using this disc in tunnels is not recommended. Reminds me a lot of a Boss and a Legacy Rampage… the disc does have a slight right turn if thrown at max strength. Plastic is incredibly grippy, no doubt.

  6. Trey Bolding
    Review Participant, L1

    Just bought this disc for forehand shots only and it’s a forehanders dream. Without a ton of effort I can easily throw as far as any of my other discs forehand. When thrown flat it flies straight for about 300-325ft and then hooks very predictably. I threw this disc flat and outhrew my friend who was S-curving a NukeOS. Best grip I’ve ever felt in a disc. Love it!

    • Trey Bolding
      Review Lover, L6

      Just an update. Been throwing this disc a lot and the 400s plastic is holding up great and remains feeling great in the hand! I’ve beat it in and it now has a nice very very slight predictable turn when thrown flat but u still can’t turn it over. Amazing disc does what it’s designed to! Not turn over, glide far, and fade very predictably. Also has great skips on most throws due to the high fade and speed and premium plastic.

    • Trey Bolding
      Review Participant, L1

      I bought a 174g 400s by the way.

  7. Kyle Nagle
    Review Lover, L6

    First off i wish i had bought mine when the proto stamp or first run was first introduced but ended up getting it with the 400G D1 stamp. At first i thought, Wow this thing is overstable. While working this disk in, throwing around in a field, i could feel its potential. Don’t play nice with this disk it wants to fly far and smooth through the air. While reviewing this disk i also liked the fact that it had a nice size rim that prevented that all so common grip lock that we all hate so dearly.

  8. RJ
    Review Fanatic, L5

    I disagree with anyone who chalks this disc up as trash.

    I regularly go out to fields and practice my drives, and more times than not my prodigy D1 & D2 are among the furthest discs in my bag, and strangely enough I barely ever throw them. This D1, a yellow 400s, gets super gummy in the heat, which is great if you’re having problems with grip. I tend to lean towards hyzer bombs or long flat hyzer a because I know the disc is just over stable enough to come back. I’d put it between a force and a nuke. Big arms are needed to make this disc unleash its potential, otherwise it will seem too over stable. Loves a flex shot with a tailwind, and eats up a headwind on a hyzer. I highly recommend this disc, it’s high quality and very, very consistent.

  9. Gary
    Review Fanatic, L5

    As my D1 starts to break in it is going even further. Longest disc in my bag now.

  10. Gary
    Review Fanatic, L5

    Picked up a 173g 400G D1 at a tourney on saturday. Threw it quite a bit on Sunday. I really like it so far. It seems to be very similar to my Star Boss, but it feels like it might be slightly faster, and slightly more stable with a little bit more fade. That makes it my new go to disc for big flex S shots.

    Disc is super grippy, almost sticky. Flight seems consistent, and tends to get a nice skip on the landing.

  11. Daniel
    Review Participant, L1

    When I throw mine it goes very straight until the end and it hooks a little bit to the right. Great for woods play in my opinion. Love it. Great distance disc

  12. Doug B
    Review Fanatic, L5

    A staple in my bag. Great for big hyzer shots, but don’t underestimate how much distance you can wring out of this disc if you have enough power to flex it.

  13. Mark Kahmann
    Review Master, L10

    For me, this disc is not that overstable. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t turn it over, but it doesn’t hyzer out as bad as I thought it would… If I throw it hard on an anny, it holds it, and if I throw it flat, it stays straight a while. It’s a pretty good disc, but I can’t really say I particularly liked it… just about the same as other discs I am more comfortable throwing. Maybe one day it will make the bag as a replacement, but it’s in storage for now.

  14. John O'Bryan

    Great disc, has added 50 feet to my longest drives.

  15. david bihl
    Review Participant, L1

    The D1 is a very pleasant surprise. To me it flies just like a faster and longer predator. I really like it and the grip is great.

  16. tim ogden
    Review Participant, L1

    These prodigy discs are getting a lot of hype, so I thought maybe its time I tried one out.I mostly flick and I tend to produce quite a bit of snap in doing so. So naturally I chose d1. I have not tried any other prodigy discs but I am not writing a review on them either, only what I threw. My opinion of d1 was that it was completely inconsistant, held no flight pattern whatsoever, and was overhyped garbage. I highly recommend against anyone trying this disc unless you prefer a daunting and frustrating disc golf game. If you want consistantcy and finish go with dga hurricane. Thank you dga for producing a quality disc with none of the hyped bull.

  17. Joe Wildey

    I’m not an expert in disks and have only been playing a few months, so I wanted to give an opinion for a relative beginner to the field (although I do have a lot of throws under my belt in a short time.) I borrowed my friends D1 that to give it a try for the weekend. We threw about 50 holes in two days which is a lot for my arm.

    The thing that I liked most about this disk is that even when my arm was so tired that I could barely lift it, I was still able to to get a bit of an S curve with almost every throw (FH). With every other driver I’ve used, when I hit about the 24th hole I only get drive curve and it never makes it to the fade. Leads to terrible inconsistency. With this D1, every throw looked good, Lost some distance, but even that didn’t fall off as much as normal because I was getting the full flight pattern. Just seemed like it was easy to throw and helped out my control immensely.

    (Take this review with a grain of salt since I don’t have enough experience with other disks to say how it compares; but, I will be going out and buying myself one this week.)

  18. Hunter
    Review Participant, L1

    AMAZZZIING disc! Really can bomb it with that!

  19. michael
    Review Fanatic, L5

    i just goy my D1 and maybe its because i got it in 169 but this thing is not as overstable as its hyped up to be i got it thinking it would be good for headwinds and stuff on a realy good throw i can go about 340ft and my second throw with my D1 i can get it about 360ft once again if you ever get one remember the numbers are more like this 13,6,-1,2

  20. Andrew Weitner
    Reviewer, L2

    I have spent several weeks trying to figure out what unfiltered response I could give Prodigy’s D1. And it turns out, it is the same response I had the first time I threw it. It is my Latitude 64 Halo reincarnate.
    To be fair, there are some different aspects that set it apart. First, it is a little more grippy. The feel of the plastic is firm but not slick. I really like the mold and comfortability in my hand.
    Second, it handles wind fairly well, maybe more than the before mentioned Halo. And lastly, it is less of a sharp edged mold, this may be a little bit of a weird quirk to point out but grabbing a disc that has a ridged inside wall that rips up my fingers is a tad frustrating.
    I feel I should point out why I came to my conclusion. Every time I throw my Halo and the Prodigy D1, one after another, the discs will take the same flight pattern and drop within 5 feet of each other.

    So, then why pick one over the other, well it all comes down to comfortability for me. I LOVE my Halo, but I love to throw my Prodigy D1 when it leaves my hand smooth. Over time it could be that the D1 would beat into a more understable disc but at this point I have almost transitioned to the D1 over the Halo because of the feel of the plastic.
    I usually equate my mistakes to me rather than the disc, so I have a bad habit of not recognizing the flaws. What I did see was the plastic could beat up over time depending on the density of trees you have to throw into.

    One more thing, I CANNOT throw distance with a flick, it is simply a finess shot for me so my distance comes from my right hand backhand. I am throwing about 400 feet with the D1.

    I have been throwing a yellow 172g D1
    7 years in Disc Golf (2 years of being decent at the game,at best intermediate)

    4 out of 5 for me.

  21. Everett
    Review Lover, L6

    I’ve been putting off this review for a while. Not for lack of time but because I have had this disc for 3 weeks now and the jury is still out for me. I really want to like this disc, but…

    So to start off, I’m a RHBH thrower with about a year and some of solid discing. I tend to be pretty heavy handed so I really like stable to overstable drivers as anything less than I get to turn and burn pretty easy. That’s why I was so excited to try Prodigy’s big overstable disc, the D1.

    Right off the bat this disc feels nice. I think everyone will tell you that this plastic is nice and grippy. Another thing that stuck out to me was how domey this disc is, and the dome is relatively soft. The last thing that was noticeable right out the gate was Prodigy’s ‘easy release’ technology on the rim, which to me is basically them moving the flashing of the mold to the outer side of the rim lip so there is no sharp little edge right where your finger goes (a nice addition but not near as nice as they make it out to be on paper).

    My first impression of this disc was not very favorable as I was a little let down at how they describe the flight characteristics of this disc. Inbounds has this showing somewhere between an Ape and a Boss, but when I threw it this bad boy turned a lot more like a Destroyer or a Wraith. With that being said it usually fought back and finish with a healthy fade.

    I say usually because I used this disc on a windy day excited to have an “overstable” disc to rely on. Not so much the case with me. When thrown into a headwind this disc would pick up and have the nicest slowest turn (to the right as I’m a RHBH thrower) and have a very inconsistent fade. I found myself having to almost hyzer flip this disc to get it to fade back like usual into the wind.

    As others have this is a nice disc but for me, I will probably keep it around to show off to people and stick with discs that I feel are more consistent.

    Pro’s: This disc has serious glide!, for real, a little arm can get some serious D out of this disc if thrown right, the plastic is oh so nice
    Con’s: not as consistent as an OS disc should be (and for me, that is a big con)

    Overall this is a good disc that I would recommend for someone who has good form and control of the disc but wants a little more effortless distance. When thrown into the wind it flies much like a Destroyer, with the wind at it’s back I would say more like an Ape.

  22. Steve Freydenfeldt
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    I recently just got one of these from Andrew Belet and loved throwing. I am mostly a forearm thrower so practicing backhand was a interesting, but the D1 made it fun! The grip was nice and comfortable and made for an easy release for me. I can’t wait to try this with my forearm shot!

  23. Doug
    Review Extroadinaire, L11

    I have a 170 D1 in Proto Plastic. I was actually going to trade this disc to one of my teammates because I thought it might be better for them, but this disc really surprised me. It’s not super overstable, but it fights the wind really well. Also, it’s a great sidearm disc and when you really snap one hard either BH or FH, this disc just goes for days. I don’t have a big arm, so I was surprised in one round of a tournament when I threw the D1 sidearm and it had a beautiful S curve. I was standing behind the 400′ post and it ended up past basket high! If you want max distance, reach for the D1.

  24. This disc is the big OS disc in the Prodigy arsenal. The plastic, as I said in my review of the D1 and as Lance N. stated in his review, is awesome. Like Lat64 Opto but better…

    This disc is for advanced players. I need to start off by saying this because, while intermediate players will get use out of it, begginer players, no matter how big their arms, should steer clear of this one for awhile. The best comparison I can make is that it is as if Latitude64 made a Destroyer. To wit: it has the same flight path as a Destroyer, but with substantially more glide and is also a tad longer as a result. It is also extremely nose-sensitive, just like Lat64’s discs.

    My first few throws with the D1 I did not enjoy the disc. I was throwing with good arm speed, and it would still hyzer out hard on me about 300 feet out. When I started throwing it a bit nose down, I was getting some very Destroyer-like flights out of it. Just a touch of turn at the beggining, and hard fade at the end. I also had a few throws with noticable Off-Axis Tourque (OAT) and it fought out of it…much like a Destroyer will do. This disc excelled at forehand shots, and by the end of my field work, I was able to shape some nice forehand lines with it, including big 350 foot plus turnover shots.

    All in all, it’s a nice disc, but I’ll stick with the ones that brought me to the dance, Innova Destroyers. The Destro is cheaper and much more widely available. Plus I know I can trust it for the shots I need.

  25. Lance N.
    Review Participant, L1

    First thing you notice right off without even throwing the disc is the feel of the plastic. Honestly there is no plastic I have thrown that feels like the prodigy plastic. I live in Maine and my first time taking the discs out to the course it was 20 degrees. As with some discs I own when they are cold they lose grip. Not so with these prodigy drivers. As for throwing, the discs seem to release from your hand a lot smoother and with more speed. I am not a power thrower so I have been using the D1 for forehand shots. I was impressed with how little effort was needed to make the disc go compared to my Force which I was using before for forehand shots. I rated the disc 4 stars only because in my opinion if you are not a “power thrower” the D1 is not a MUST HAVE. If you are a newer player that likes to flick though I highly recommend this disc. If you can throw with power than for sure you want this disc in your bag. Very tight lines and great distance.

  26. Jaime domingos
    Review Participant, L1

    Disk looks great can’t wait till they are available

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