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The Shock is the newest addition to the MVP lineup of highly rated golf discs. This thin fairway driver is supposed to be more stable than the Volt, and offer excellent glide. The Shock will turn less, but fade more than an average throw with the Volt. For power throwers that find the Volt flippy, the stability of the Shock should make it very popular. The Shock was released on February 1st.

The Shock is available in MVP’s quality Neutron plastic. This is a hard smooth plastic that glides very well. Like all MVP discs, the Shock uses GYRO Technology to maximize control and forward glide.

Here is its flight path and dimensions:

MVP Shock

Shock Dimensions

  • MVP Shock Diameter: 21.1cm (98.26% of average, 99.41% average Fairway)
  • MVP Shock Height: 1.6cm (89.67% of average, 100.55% (average Fairway
  • MVP Shock Rim Depth: 1.2cm (101.95% of average, 100.86% average Fairway)
  • MVP Shock Rim Width: 1.9cm (123.04% of average, 107.41% average Fairway)

MVP Shock Additional Information:

Primary Use:
Stability: ,
Recommended Skill Level:
Plastic grade(s):
Possible Extras:

Turn: -
Fade: Flight Rating: //-/

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24 Reviews

  1. Dwayne Hoffman
    Review Supporter, L4

    This disc is great in headwinds. However, be aware that it will break hard and keep going.

  2. Conor M.
    Review Nut, L7

    I’d like to revise a previous review I made about my 173 neutron shock being above average. I have had it for 2 months now and it’s not the same disc I tested out of the box. The high speed stability just isn’t there like I thought would be. I have a hard time getting reliable flights out of it. It’s attributes are very pedestrian. I don’t think it does any one specific thing great, so out of the bag it goes.

  3. C Sears
    Review Fanatic, L5

    Oh, I love my MVP discs. The Shock is not as overstable as I would like, but that seems to be my summation of both my Volt and Shock. I don’t believe that are as overstable as the flightpaths indicate. That being said, it’s an amazing disc, great distance and great control.

  4. Conor M.
    Review Nut, L7

    The MVP Shock is a very impressive disc. I’ve been throwing one around for a few weeks to see if MVP is deserving of all the hype. My conclusion is that this fairway driver handles the “control” part of my game exceptionally well. The flight paths are oh so smooth with tons of glide. Mine is a 172 red neutron. This Shock thrown on a hyzer release will give you plenty of hook fade. When thrown with a bit of hyzer or flat release it holds a long straight line with a pronounced fade at the end. Thrown with an anhyzer release will cause it to lazily wonder a little and then fade back to where it needs to be. It’s a real treat to throw because the glide keeps things under control, even those times when they get away from you (OAT). It’s astonishingly controllable for an overstable fairway driver. I have a couple scratches in the overmold rim, but it’s held up pretty well so far. The rim is small and shallow and is just as slick as Champion or Z plastic with wet hands. Overall, this is a great overstable disc for tight fairways.

  5. James Scanlon
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    The shock is a great disc for mid-long drives with a strong fade/flare at the end. If I ever need to take a sharp corner around a fairway with some type of height restriction the Shock is the way to go. A nice low hyzer thrown with a lot of snap will skip up and around a 90* corner every time. I have yet to throw a disc with a more consistent flare at the end of both long/short shots and am thoroughly impressed with the shock overall. I have a beat-in shock that I hit an absolute laser ace with that is now especially flippy and versatile, although the fade/flare is a bit less consistent.

  6. D.Everett

    I haven’t been playing long, started about 18 months ago. My second round of discs included a Saint that I fell in love with… and lost. On a recent outing to Pyramids I picked up one of these MVP Shock things and Wow! A pleasure to hold, throw and watch. I throw different speeds and the Shock will do all of these. I’m tempted to replace my Spider for the approach shots, but not quite that tempted yet. One thing that I haven’t heard yet is the skip that I get from the Shock. As it starts to fade, backhand or forehand, if I’ve kept the throw low it will skip better than any disc I have.

  7. Duncan
    Review Lover, L6

    Flies like a faster and less glidy T-bird. I almost exclusively throw a RHBH, but I really like how this disc flies with a forehand toss. Very controllable and a pleasure to use. I like MVP because they use SCIENCE to better the sport of disc golf!

  8. Matt
    Review Lover, L6

    I just got a shock and was rather disappointed. Mine seems to always turn over no matter what I do. Even with some hyzer and wrist roll it will go straight for about half the flight then just turn off right (RHBH). Maybe with some work I could get this line dialed in but wasn’t the shot I was looking for with this disc. Maybe I just got a fluky one.

    • Matt
      Review Lover, L6

      I contacted MVP about this disc and they had me ship it back for evaluation. No questions asked, I got a replacement about a week later with a couple extra goodies. Props to MVP for great customer service.
      Now on to the disc, it has now lived up to what I thought it was going to do. It will hold stable for a good distance and then have a predictable fade. Will definitely be making the bag.

  9. Gustavo Ocampo
    Review Elite, L9

    I like to throw this disc. It is overstable and I can really throw it in the wind. I can throw it also when their is no wind but I have to anhyzer it and rip it to get it flying good. I recommend this driver for intermediate to pro because of the overstable in it.

  10. Andrew Weitner
    Reviewer, L2

    I have struggled with this disc. To me, there has been NO consistency. I throw stable it ends on an under-stable flight. I adjust slightly with an over-stable line and it ends with a huge turn. I do not profess to be a phenomenal disc golfer with amazing control but I can usually get a steady result from a disc. But this shock, HATES ME.

    But, there was ONE time I needed it to do what I expected and it did it. All other throws… poop!

    Maybe it works for you, maybe you can get a consistent response, I’m still going to work with it, but I can’t trust it, yet!

    4 of 10- maybe

    I have been throwing a blue 170g
    7 years in Disc Golf (2 years of being decent at the game,at best intermediate)

    • David
      Review Nut, L7

      See the first review on this disc, that guy had the same issues with his and MVP replaced it, no problem. It turns out that a handful of the first runs were ‘off’ and just had something wrong with them. I have heard this is the case with at least 4 people that have them.

      The one I have does exactly what it says its supposed to do and I’m not even that good, but I am very picky about my shot mechanics and I film myself like a baseball pitcher would. So I make sure I throw the same way every time. ALL of the other MVP discs I have are very good discs, including this one, not the farthest flying things out there but very realiable and predicatable, so if yours isn’t BOTH of those things, then ask them and I bet they replace it.

      • David
        Review Nut, L7


        I had the opportunity to throw one my buddy had that was one of the ‘off’ ones and to the look and touch, you would never know anything was wrong. But as soon as I let it go it was like a railroad spike, straight into the ground and rolled all sorts of crazy directions. Next throw I put a big anny on it and it dove into ground the other way, and the same crazy roll happened. He called MVP, he gets his new one in 5 days.

        I have a Volt, a Shock, an Anode, and a Vector and all of them are super reliable, except for the one Shock my buddy has. Or in this case, very shortly, had…

  11. Derek O'Neil
    Review Supporter, L4

    To say the MVP Shock gave me a shock just sounds a little cliche. However, I was initially surprised by the flight path of the Shock. From the videos I watched and the reviews some people wrote, I expected the Shock to be an overstable disc. The description given here on the website is very accurate, it is slightly more stable than the Volt, however both the inbounds flight guide and the videos I watched showed me something different than what I found.

    I have been playing disc golf for about 2 years now, really getting into it for a little over a year. I can throw distance drivers like the Shock about 325-375′. I went out and threw this disc in several different courses. Unfortunately it was rather windy in Southern Texas the last couple weeks. I found in the headwind the Shock turns over quite a bit, and the fade is reduced a little. I was able to get some distance (275-300′) and once I learned its flight pattern was able to make great use of it. In a tailwind I was able to throw it flat and it had less turn, but still had turn, a lot more than I was led to believe. However in the case I was able to throw it 350’+. I threw it alongside my ESP Nuke by Discraft and in the slight tailwind it seemed to have similar flight paths. It was then that I realized the MVP Shock would probably not find its way into my bag, I love my Nuke and do not need another disc that is not as good in a headwind and similar in a tailwind. However, even comparing it to my Nuke is indeed a compliment.

    I have heard that there are two different Shock molds and that the second is more stable. I would love to try it out and see if it would fit in my bag. The one I got is wonderful, it has that great MVP feel and I feel confident when throwing the Shock. It is not the disc for me, but for those looking for something more stable than the Volt and like the MVP brand, then get this disc and get it now!

  12. Russell Douthit
    Review Participant, L1

    I am by no means an expert I have only been playing for about a month, I have tried every type of disc out there and i have to say that the MVP Shock is my new found favorite. I am a lefty and this disc offers a dependable hook. Now i am not a believer in a disc being a cure for a novice only practice can cure that, but what i can say is this disc fits my hand amazingly and is very comfortable to throw. Bought this disc today and took it out and scored my best round to date. quality disc my friends.


  13. Hoang H.
    Review Supporter, L4

    The shock is a decent disc that is very stable and have good glide distance. For some reason this disc I can only throw it up to 300 max while my other disc I can go pass 350 with easy. The smooth plastic is a bite of getting used to since I only throw with stick plastic. I do have more control while throwing this disc so I keep this disc to make shots that’s around 250-300 ft away. I hope to see one of these days that they make a disc with sharper edge. Over all this is a good beginners disc for midrange. I think you will find it very injoyable. This disc indeed does go straight then hook slightly to the left and fade out.

  14. Everett
    Review Lover, L6

    Let me start by saying that for some reason I really did not want to like the Shock. I got it so I could prove the hype wrong… Instead I found out there is hype for a reason.

    I’ve been playing for a little over a year now and have gone through my share of disc lines and found the ones I really like. I usually hesitate to try new discs once I find the ones I really like but I’m actually really glad I tried this one. I got a 169g Shock in Neutron plastic and right off the bat I really enjoyed the feel of the plastic in my hand, firm but grippy.

    I have a pretty big arm and have a hard time easing up on a lot of my mid range and fairway throws so I tend to prefer stable to over stable discs. That being said I threw this bad boy with some hesitation at first since I didn’t want it to turn and burn. I was very surprised at how fluid this disc turns and fades. Once I got the feel of it I was able to control it with with a hyzer flip (RHBH) and have it glide straight with a slight fade at the end. I was averaging around 375′ and wish I had more fairway disc experience to compare that to but I’ve mostly used mid range discs for most fairway shots.

    Pros: Very controllable, beautiful to watch it fly, beginner friendly, nice plastic

    Cons: I only have one, but seriously there is not much I don’t like except that in a head wind it becomes more flippy (but that is true for most any understable disc)

    I’ll finish by saying that this disc really surprised me and I’m very glad I gave it a try. It flies very similar to my Star Sidewinder but gets slightly less distance. I would highly recommend this disc to both beginners and advanced players as it plays to the strengths of both.

    • Everett
      Review Lover, L6

      *My disc is also a “first run” Shock. They are different. My review will probably not reflect what you will get if you buy this disc now. (personally, like others, I prefer these “first run” Shocks, but they in no way were very stable)

  15. Billy Winters
    Review Supporter, L4

    Great disc. Loves the wide open space. I have many disc that have the similar flight paths and what makes this one unique is end of the flight. I throw RHBH most of the time and it drift left just alittle then falls between 5-10 of center. Not alot of turn near the end but good enough to round a corner about 350′ from the end of the box. Forehand your going to want to put an annie on it and watch it carve the air up (still learning that one). Very fastand stable with a nice glide at the end. Put some wind in front of it and you can watch it just sit right where you want it. Great disc for someone who is wanting to dial in accuracy.

  16. Steve Freydenfeldt
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    I love the Shock! It flies nice and straight with my forearm and turns slightly at the end. The shock is simply to handle with a smooth rim and fits comfortably when I am working on my backhand. It hold lines very well for me, which is something that is great for certain courses and shots. Being a fairly new player to DG, it is surely a disc that will be in my arsenal!

  17. Great disc. Got mine this weekend, and threw it many times. As MVP originally advertised, I thought it would be more like a Teebird, which it definetly is not. It’s, in essence, a Volt with more turn and more fade. Thrown flat into a headwind, and the Shock would turn substantially before fading back just slightly. Thrown with Hyzer into a headwind, and it would flip straight with no fade. I unintentionally threw one with a little anny angle into the wind and it turned into a roller about 50 feet out…an amazing roller. The Shock has to be the straightest roller disc I’ve ever seen. It rolled dead straight for almost 200 feet and actually slammed into the post of the basket I was aiming for. AWESOME!

    Where the Shock really makes it’s money is in a tailwind. Throw it flat with a decent amount of power and it will go straight…much farther than the Amp or Volt I must add. It will fade out HARD which leads to big skips…which can sometimes help or hurt. I had one tailwind shot on a 320 foot hole through a tight wooded tunnel with a creek to the left. It made it about ten feet from the basket, then took a wild skip into the creek. Bummer, but I did get the disc back.

    Thrown with no wind (which was difficult for me, as conditions this weekend were pretty brutal) the disc flew for me almost exactly like the inBounds flight guide shows it. Some noticeable turn, and a hard fade. It has less turn than the Amp, yet more than the Volt. It has much more fade than either the Volt or the Amp.

    Nevertheless, I’ve already bagged two of them. So far the only MVP disc I don’t have in the bag right now is the Amp, and that’s just because I don’t need an understable fairway driver at this time.

    • Caveat to my review: I was able to get my hands on this latest run of Shocks, or the Shock 2.0 if you will. The tweaked the mold and the PLH (Parting Line Height) as the original run was not nearly as stable as was advertised.

      Honestly, they may have stabilized it TOO much. The Shock 2.0 is not the begginer friendly disc that the OG Shock was. This thing is a beefy meathook unless you put some good stank on it. I threw it with the same arm speed as my OG Shock and it just hyzered right out on me…I mean it didn’t even make it 200 feet. So I stepped on the gas and cranked it hard and flat…sure enough it went out to about 250 feet then began it’s sharp fade. I would say the low speed fade on the OG Shock and the Shock 2.0 are pretty similar…like dive-bombers…only the 2.0 doesn’t have the turn of the OG to make up for it. 2.0 is dependable though…it will finish hard left for you, even with anhyzer. it is by far the most wind-resitant of the MVP discs I’ve thrown. Heads and tails above their other OS stuff like the Ion and Vector. I would put it’s stability over that of the Rival and Teebird. Somewhere between a XXX and a Firebird. MVP discs do not beat in easily either, so it will take a good long time to get some turn on this bad boy.

      I wouldn’t say I dislike the 2.0, but I will say I don’t really have the arm speed that it requires. Someone pushing 400 feet (with good form) will love this disc.

      • I’ve been using my new Shock as my fairway driver for gnarly headwinds. In those situations, it works well for me. But just on a regular fairway-type throw, I’ll stick to my “first-run” Shocks which have some turn in them.

      • mike kurtz
        Review Supporter, L4

        i would agree ,too beefy for me. i won one in a raffle, maybe my son can crank it up. 173 gm.

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