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The Ion is MVP’s highest glide putter, but also comes with just a small amount of overstable fade in the throw. Those characteristics make this putter a great long-range putter. The flight ratings of the MVP ion are 3/4/0/1.

This disc is available in each of MVP’s plastics, including their Eclipse plastic, which glows in the dark. It is also available in the soft Proton plastic.


MVP Ion Putter:

  • Diameter: 21.2cm (99.11% of average)
  • Height: 1.6cm (79.72% of average)
  • Rim Thickness 1.1cm (59.16% of average)
  • Available Weights (Neutron): 170-175g
  • Available Weights (Proton): 173-175g

MVP Ion Additional Information:

Primary Use:
Recommended Skill Level: , ,
Plastic grade(s): ,
Possible Extras:

Turn: -
Fade: Flight Rating: //-/

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32 Reviews

  1. mutteriwiritys
    Review Supporter, L4

    The Ion is a bit more stable than the Anode and has a big bead and has a deeper rim.

  2. Gio Danforth
    Reviewer, L2

    I got an Ion for Christmas as well as a basket, and the first thing I noticed was that I loved putting with it. Then I went and played a round. First hole was 260 feet so I figured why not throw my new Ion and see how it flies. I overshot by 30 feet. This disc is great for putting and is also an amazing driving putter. I don’t like it for some upshots because it doesn’t really turn or fade much so I can’t bend it around trees, but that isn’t what it is meant for so I just bag another putter for those shots.

  3. Bragnor

    I absolutely love this disc. I have a 175 Proton and a 171 Eclipse. It is a dead-straight flier with a soft hyzer finish. Put simply, it will hold any line you put it on. Absolutely easy to control. Lots of glide for a putter, so be careful when aiming high. This is my approach disc of choice.

    The Proton plastic looks like Innova’s newer Jolly Launcher Champion with its bright transparent colors. I think it feels even a bit gummier and easier to grip than the Jolly Launcher. Also, the Eclipse Proton’s outer ring has some excellent glow. Just carry a small LED flashlight in your bag and charge it up for a few seconds before you throw and you’ll never lose it in the dark!

  4. Joe
    Reviewer, L2

    I love this putter, but there is one drawback! They are VERY unforgiving on go for it putts; meaning if you miss, almost everytime these suckers are gonna roll a mile, and in my case AWAY from the basket.

  5. Jake S
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    This is an outstanding putter. There is certainly something to be said for the MVP Gyro technology. I borrowed this putter for a few weeks and I was surprised at the predictable and straight flightpath. Feels good in the hand, very resistant to turn, great in the wind and drives just like a short stable midrange. I would highly recommend this disc.

  6. timmy
    Review Nut, L7

    im 50 years old and have been playing disc golf for about 25 years. in that time i have tried virtually every putt and approach disc you can think of. I could never throw this type of disc hard without flipping it or causing a hard turn. that all changed with my 175 ion in eclipse plastic. it is absolutely the best putt and approach disc ever conceived ! i can hardly believe i find myself driving off the tee with this thing on holes 200 or less. i love this putter and i never thought i would utter those words.

  7. Doug B
    Review Fanatic, L5

    Picked 4 of these on a whim from a local pro. I took them out and played a round. I was immediately impressed at their all around usefulness. They drive, approach, and put well. I do not like conventional putters, so I use KC Pro Rocs. Ion flies similar, yet has less fade in the end. That makes for straighter shots to the basket. Time will tell, but if you are like me (favoring putting with mids) then give one a try.

  8. James Scanlon
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    At first I was absolutely smitten with my Ion, so much so that I have 4 of them in different plastics/custom stamps. It is a great driving putter with a reliable fade at the end. Having played relatively flat, open courses in the first couple months of having the Ion as a putter I couldn’t find anything about it that I was unhappy with but after playing some of the harder courses in PA (Tyler/Nockamixon) I’ve found that the Ion tends to roll a lot more than desired on upshots and missed putts. After rolling 30+ feet from the basket a half a dozen times the Ion is no longer my go to putter and is used primarily for driving short holes with a mild fade required at the end. The Ion has a great grip and feel to it but the rolling issues are too frustrating after a while.

  9. Kyle McNeely
    Review Supporter, L4

    I adore my new ion. Acid green proton plastic with a biohazard stamp. It’s sick.

    Solid putter
    Amazing feel in the hand
    Steady flight
    Very little fade

    Best putter I’ve ever used.
    Great for approach within 100 feet as well.

    You’ll hurt my feelings if you don’t buy one.

  10. Ryan
    Reviewer, L2

    i just picked up a medium ion and i love it. it replaces my rhyno for in the circle and approachs

  11. Connor L.
    Review Lover, L6

    This disc probably stole the “Best Putter Award” from the long reigning Gateway Wizard. The gyroscopic effects on this disc are simply magical. I’m a little too star struck over this thing to give a full review. Just know that this is a must throw/must have putter. Both spin putters and push putters will love this, along with those that enjoy driving putters off the tee. A very versatile disc with a fat, but comfortable, bead on the bottom.

  12. Cristian M
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    talk about an awesome disc. I just picked up this baby today in soft proton plastic 167 and talk about loving it. right after I picked it up I went to go play and on my first put I nearly hit chains and I was a good distance away. I then played the rest of the day and on almost every put I hit the chains! tis disc is a huge boost for me but the fade at the end is what made the discs not fly in. this has the exact same flight pattern as an aviar to me but it flies faster and farther and more smoother. if you want to improve you’re putting game this is a must have

  13. Landon Lockhart
    Review Extroadinaire, L11

    I have only played with this disc one time and it is my first MVP. First impressions are….I really like it. I used it as a medium range to distance putter and approach shots. I love it because it flys straight. Every time, it flys straight. Minimal fade, and simply dead straight. I wanted to get this ion because I thought it would be easier for me to make longer putts with, and I was right. It seems to be more glidy than my wizards,ridges, and vp. It’s easier for me to send it long and straight with just a simple putting motion. It definitly helped me putt today. It will hold an anny, it will ride out a hyzer, or it will go dead straight. Whatever you like. I haven’t thrown it hard, didn’t need to. Will update if more need be said.

  14. Duncan
    Review Lover, L6

    A reliable putter. Although I don’t use this putter for most of my shots, I found it to fly consistently like a new Aviar. Very floaty and smooth.

  15. Doug
    Review Extroadinaire, L11

    I have a Soft Neutron Ion and an Eclipse Ion, both 173g. I like my Soft Ion better for putting and upshots that need to sit down. The Ion has a very straight flight path on putts with a natural hyzer on longer putts.

    My Eclipse Ion is good for driving and jump putts. This particular Ion can hold any angle that it’s released on. The Eclipse Ion is a little bit more slippery than the Neutron Ion, but they are about the same. Definitely not the putters to use in the rain.

    However, the Ion is one of my favorite putters in my collection. I love the consistent release and flight, but if MVP made a more grippy plastic, I would strictly use Ions to putt with.

  16. Matt
    Review Lover, L6

    I have an ion in proton plastic and is just an ok disc in my eyes. This disc just feels to slippery to me and I can’t seem to get a good release on it. Comparing to other ions, mine also feels a little bit firmer, which may be part of the culprit. When it was on a trial run in the bag, it did putt decent and allowed a nice hyzer line to the basket when needed, but I could not drive at all with it. Will just stick to the wizard for this role.

  17. Gustavo Ocampo
    Review Elite, L9

    Man the Ion is a great putter. It works for almost everyday disc golfing. This is a great beginner putter and putter for a pro because it is pretty straight Nd fades a little towards the end of its flight. I really recommend this putter.


    Love my Berry Red one. Used it in some very strong winds this weekend here in CNY and it handled head winds, tail winds as well as those tricky cross winds better than either of my other putter disc, in fact I used it for the last 26 holes. It was the second-time I had used it on the course.

  19. Trevor Loew
    Review Lover, L6

    I have only played a few rounds with my eclipse Ion, but this thing seems like a very versatile driving putter for me. Has more glide than I thought, which is very good, makes this almost a midrange disc. The overmolded rim feels very good in my hand too. And as far as style factor, I got a no stamp orange one and it looks amazing!

    • Trevor Loew
      Review Lover, L6

      After some more experience with my Ion, I have some updates. I have found that if I really put some power on this disc, it turns really hard. So I get the most use out of it on more gentle finesse shots. Powered down this disc glides very straight and floats down rather than fading left. On the same low power throw it goes farther than you throw it. I have never thrown a disc that can hit the anny line that this can though! Holy cow its awesome. Thrown fairly high on a steep anny angle, this disc can get me out of places that no other disc could.

  20. Andy Adamek
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    I have two go to putters, The MVP Soft Neutron Ion is one of them. This was the first MVP disc that I owned and it tattooed the brand on my heart. I’ve made putts from places that should have been a bogey with this guy. It goes right where I want it every single time. If you buy this disc and you miss your putt, There are no excuses! You just suck! You need to add this disc to your bag yesterday.

  21. Ostensibly, the Ion is a beaded Anode, which makes it slightly more overstable. My “bug out” bag is an all MVP affair, and as such, I keep Ions and Anodes in there at all times. I have a Neutron Ion which is used for shorter approaches and drives, and a soft Proton Ion for windy or longer putts.

    If you are used to throwing Innova and looking to dive into MVP and the Gyro tech game, the Ion is similar in flight (but not feel) to a brand-new DX Rhyno. It fights the wind and will still finish straight. Many people use the Ion for a mid-range on shorter holes where the MVP Vector/Axis is just too long.

    Getting an Ion and an Anode is a one-two putter punch that can’t be denied. Easy for begginers, perfect for experts.

  22. Andrew Frost
    Reviewer, L2

    My favorite putter. I switched from Wizards to Ions because I felt the Ion got to the basket with less power needed which lead to me hitting more putts. The Ion is stable enough to throw 300ft+ and is just an all around putt and approach disc.

  23. I Dye discs and man I can’t keep these in stock. As soon as I do a wicked dye on one of these MVP ION’s they sell . I take them to the local disc golf course and show them and before I leave I have Money in my pocket and some one has a cool disc. The plastic on these disc is perfect for taking multi color dye jobs and they stand out like Picaso’s paintings in a sea of kindergarden finger paintings. Love this Plastic.

  24. Laramie
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    I recently switched from Aviars to Anodes and needed an overstable compliment for more shots. The Ion stepped up quite nicely. I use it for windy days, utility putts, and driving duties.

  25. CaliZac89
    Review Supporter, L4

    The ion permanently replaced the aviars in my bag. I feel its much more predictable with the gyro. Nice and stable, with putts it WILL find the chains and with drives will have a nice “hook” finish. I have it in the eclipse proton which is PERFECT for glow rounds. Overall this disc has become the anchor of my bag.

  26. taco
    Reviewer, L2

    get a soft ion and start making long putts seemm easy

  27. Jason
    Review Whiz, L8

    The Proton (not soft) is very stiff. This putter is probably best for driving or longer putts. Has a tendency to roll when hitting the ground. Best wind putter (for putting, not driving) I have ever used; fights a headwind like a champ. Many players can throw Ions a long way and serve more as a midrange than a putter.

  28. Aaron
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    Ion takes over when I need to anhyzer around something on a putt or approach. This disc is perfect for me for the 75′ and out go for it situations. Nice dependable flight and stability with the small beaded rim.

  29. Oscar Johnson
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    I switch from the FLX Challenger to the Ion because it has a similar flight, but with more glide and less lift in a headwind. The Gyro Technology is not a myth. The Ion has become the most important disc in my bag. I carry three. Two are in the original “chalky” plastic. The first is a blank that I used for a long time as my main putter that is a little less stable (beat in). The second is only used for upshots anywhere inside 200 feet. Give it some height and watch it fade back as it falls or snap it on an anhyzer line. The third is a new addition and new go to putter in MVP’s Neutron Plastic. The only negative I have to say is to avoid the Proton Plastic for their putters. Too slick for my taste. Works fine with MVP’s two midranges.

  30. Emechtech
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    This disc changed my perception of what a putter could do. If thrown with clean form and enough height, IONs can fly much further than most people throw their drivers. With the right amount of spin, IONs can also hold any line given. With less spin, IONs will demonstrate a nice fade at the end of their flight. I have seen all forms of amazing throws from different players, and everyone seems to use this disc for something slightly different, thus demonstrating the amazing diversity of this disc. One of the best driving putters out there.

  31. Erik J. Barzeski
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    Though I use a Wizard to putt with from 50 feet and in or so, I feel like I get better spin and a bit better stability on my long-range putts with the Ion. This past weekend at Moraine I made two 65+ footers (one flat, one anhyzer around a tree) from two different stances with my Ion and it flew just as intended both times. The soft rim grabs the chains well and the disc seems to resist rolling away a bit more than other putters, which makes it a great approach disc as well from that grey area between a true approach disc and a putter.

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