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MVP Axis

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Disc Information

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As a reliable midrange disc, the MVP Axis has a smooth sail and fair speed, with a flight rating of 5/5/-1/1. Though this is only a midrange disc, the Axis is one of MVP’s higher speed discs, matching the speed of the Vector.

MVP Axis

MVP Axis Dimensions:

  • MVP Axis Diameter: 21.2cm (99.11% of average)
  • MVP Axis Height: 2.5cm (128.83% of average)
  • MVP Axis Rim Thickness .9cm (59.16% of average)

MVP Axis Additional Information:

Primary Use:
Recommended Skill Level:
Plastic grade(s): ,
Possible Extras:

Turn: -
Fade: Flight Rating: //-/

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27 Reviews

  1. Carl Pledger

    I can’t say enough about this disc. I throw it in the eclipse plastic. I have lost 3 of these in the past couple years and tried replacing with rocs, buzzes and most recently the DD Truth. They are all fantastic discs, but the axis can do what all these discs do in one. It is a true work horse and it wears well. Throw a roc, buzz or truth for a month and it becomes a different disc, not the axis…it remains predictable. I highly recommend spending a few more dollars and throwing this disc in the eclipse line.

  2. matt wiencek
    Review Fanatic, L5

    Forme, this is great disc. It has bumped my buzzz right outta my bag. Its has amazing glide and is very controllable. This, combined with the Tangent and the Alias, make a great set of midrange discs.

  3. mutteriwiritys
    Review Supporter, L4

    Axis responses very well to different release angles. If you want a wind fighter, I recommend looking for something else. Very nice disc!

  4. HeavyDiscBlog
    Reviewer, L2

    The 176 Proton Axis is just… wow. It’s like pulling a perfectly seasoned max-weight Roc outta the box. So far, I’m completely impressed. Just a consistent flyer. If I max out the throw, it’ll hang a bit further right but never flip – and always comes back with a bit of left fade. Feels fantastic in my hand and I love that mid-range glide. I was able to throw it about 280-290′ dead straight with just a mellow fade at the end.

    I had lost my max weight Roc when I ordered the Axis, then some kind soul found it and I was able to get it back… with a big old chunk of plastic missing where a mower had apparently run it over. I wanted something that could take it’s place and I truly believe this is a nice option.

    Finally I want to describe how it handles anhyzer. With a solid snap you can turn it over and get a long amazing glide, overpower it a bit with a flatter release and it’s not going to burn you… it just takes it.

    Great disc, faster hand speeds will appreciate a bit more weight (176+) – smaller arms will like the lighter weights.

  5. Daniel Russell

    A great disc! After a few throws, I like it much better than my Champ+ Roc. MVP makes quality stuff, now on to the Vector!

  6. James Scanlon
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    The Axis is consistently compared to the Buzzz as a straight flying mid-range and I strongly agree with that, although I believe the Axis (and other MVPs) has a superior grip in any less than ideal weather conditions. I got my first ace with the Axis, the day I bought it, at about 220 feet and has been in my bag ever since. I think that the tangent is a better straight flyer/control middy but the axis holds its own with the likes of a buzzz or a shark.

  7. Kyle McNeely
    Review Supporter, L4

    Instantly replaced my mako.

    This disc is very obedient within 250 feet.
    It holds lines.
    Flies flat when thrown flat.

    Definitely a workhorse midrange driver. It even has enough speed to handle a good snap and perform well.

    I love this thing. I’ve got to give credit to mvp.

  8. Adam Wakefield
    Review Lover, L6

    This disc is a buzz with less fade. great accurate straight flying midrange. feels great in the hand. predictable flight pattern. Tons of glide.

  9. Jack Fillenwarth
    Review Elite, L9

    I’ve thrown this disc many times and it has never made the bag simply because it is like a Buzzz that is in the middle stages of wear of being a Buzzz and a Buzzz SS. I carry both of these discs already so having an Axis doesn’t really have a point. That being said the Axis is a great disc and can indeed carve a line and is dependable. I also loved the way the Eclipse Glow Proton Axis I had looked and felt. Just didn’t have a viable use for staying in my bag.

  10. Matt
    Review Lover, L6

    To me the axis is just a wannabe buzzz. Don’t get me wrong, it will still do some great things and hold lines a plenty but the buzzz for me just feels and works better for me.

  11. Gustavo Ocampo
    Review Elite, L9

    Man I really like this. It flys really great. Also checked the Inbounds disc golf charts and compared it to the buzz and it has the same flight characteristics but not thrown as long as the buzz. I really reccomend the Axis if your a person that throws MVP and for beginner or pro.

  12. Bryan Earvin
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    Whoa! Let me tell you about the Axis. I just completed a single disc round with my Glow Eclispe proton Axis and shaved 3 strokes of my round with the previous round having all my discs available. This disc has a slight turn so to get this bad boy straight, slight hyzer out of your hand. One drive I threw went 315′ ( out drove my Tern on the same hole by 10′). Great disc!! Works well as a putter too. Very accurate!!

  13. Trevor
    Review Supporter, L4

    I have a 178 Proton axis, and during the first full round with it I got my first ace! So needless to say I love these discs. These fly very true to the angle of release. Thrown with hyzer they ride the angle, flat and they go straight all the way to the ground, and anhyzer holds the line. This is an excellent workhorse midrange.

  14. Tricia Lafferty
    Review Lover, L6

    I really can’t completely describe my love for MVP discs. After playing for a few months with mostly Innova discs (no disc shops in my area, just Dick’s Sporting Goods), I decided to try something different. After reviewing info online, I decided to try out some MVP. It was one of the best decisions I made. They are beautifully constructed 2 piece discs with the inner plastic, and the durable plastic outer ring. I have this disc in a 172g glow proton. I threw 165g or less discs previously, but I don’t notice the weight difference at all. I had a few form flaws that worked out completely with throwing MVP’s. Now I am able to throw these really well, as well as other discs that weren’t flying that great for me before. I throw my Vector mostly, it goes straighter for me with less fade at the end. The Axis goes straight and turns sharper at the end for me. The 2 compliment each other greatly in my bag! I know these discs are a little more money that some other comparable discs, but they are well worth it. I would recommend any of the line of MVP’s to everyone.

  15. Doug
    Review Extroadinaire, L11

    I have a 178 Proton Axis. When I first got this disc, I wasn’t throwing it correctly because I was giving it too much hyzer and not trusting it on a full out shot. However, once I started trusting this disc, it flew amazingly straight and far. The Axis is a terrific midrange disc. It really holds lines beautifully. Go out and buy an Axis!

  16. Alan Barker
    Review Grand Master, L13

    I think I’ve found my permanent midrange discs. MVP is the way to go. Forget Buzzz’s and Roc’s, The Axis is a straight true flyer, and the Vector is there when you need some overstability. I can’t believe how little end of flight fade there is with the Axis. It’s amazing for throwing straight at the target.

    My midrange and approach shots are money ever since I started using MVP. I might say that I’ll be a MVP if I keep using these discs. Once my Volt comes in the mail, this brand might be used for everything but my long distance drives. The only con I see with MVP discs is that they do get pretty slippery when wet from the snow. Nothing a good towel can’t handle, but a slight annoyance.

  17. How could I forget to review the Axis? Nevermind that, I’m doing it now.

    The Axis is to MVP as the Buzzz is to Discraft. A very slightly understable mid-range that does whatever you need. As previous reviewers have mentioned, this will hold just about any line you put it on…but it’s money-maker is that 150-250 foot straight shot. When thrown hard with enough spin, it will go dead-nuts straight the whole way, with little to no fade at the end. As a slightly understable, but not too understable, disc, it excels at holding big, sweeping, Anhyzer lines, and also holds low hyzer lines and quick hyzer flips as well.

    I have one in Neutron (more glide) Proton (back-up) and Proton Eclipse that are in my bug-out bag. The Neutron Axis has so much glide, I can almost use it as a fairway driver. I’ve gotten it out well past 300 feet with little effort, and I am not a big power arm. The Neutron is quite a bit more suseptable to wind, so keep that in mind. The Eclipse version is a real workhorse, with slightly more glide than the Proton and more stability than the Neutron. The outer “glow ring” also grabs chains like nobody’s business, and is perfect for those straight ace runs.

    Absolutley great disc. If you don’t have a Buzzz, or are looking for a fancy alternative, this is the disc. The perfect compliment to the slightly overstable Vector.

  18. Andrew Frost
    Reviewer, L2

    The Axis is a “point and shoot” kind of mid range. It can range from having a sweeping hyzer to an anny when you need it to. An everything type of mid that can even handle a mild headwind. I think its a must in everyone’s bag.

  19. I understand previous reviews on this disc being used for workhorses/shapeable lines, but I personally use it for those long anny lines. No disc in my opinion is better at holding an anny line than the axis. It’s great at doing other things as well, but I just find that it is a bit touchy on release for me to use it as my flat straight disc. I do, however, use it for hyzers as mentioned by others. It just holds lines extremely well, which is why it is touchy on throwing flat. You will see imperfections in form with this disc when trying to throw flat.

  20. CaliZac89
    Review Supporter, L4

    Fast midrange, personally I see a hard fade when thrown with alot of snap.. Holds lines extremely well and is one of my most predictable mids even in hard wind conditions. Touchy to learn at first, but once the stability is burned into your brain you won’t take it out of the bag.

  21. Oscar Johnson
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    The Axis is fast with long finish. Utility mid that can be released on different lines or flipped for long strait or turnovers. Good to use on any distance tunnel shot.

  22. Aaron
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    Excellent mid range. Wide diameter and shallow. Comfortable even in small hands. This disc commands good form and a clean release, but with that you get nearly effortless distance up to and over 300′.

  23. Chris
    Review Participant, L1

    The Axis is like a surgeon’s scalpel. It excels at holding the exact release angle you put it on. It handles hyzer, flat and anny shots equally well. This disc gets more use than any other disc in my bag.

  24. Emechtech
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    If thrown hard with a little bit of anhyzer, the Axis will hold a very gradual turn that seems impossible to accomplish with any other disc. When throwing down a tightly wooded fairway, this is the disc I reach for. Very fast and long for a midrange.

  25. Erik J. Barzeski
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    The Axis/Vector is like MVP’s Buzzz/Wasp combo, except that in a lot of ways the MVP is the way to go. It may just be me, but the Axis for me is a better driving disc on shorter holes than the Buzzz because it seems to maintain its flight longer and behaves better in cross-winds than the Buzzz, even at the same weights. It also resists rolling and skipping more than the Buzzz, and is my go-to disc on approaches to baskets in slick Circles. Great downwind and can tolerate a mild headwind pretty well too.

  26. Steve
    Review Supporter, L4

    The Axis is a workhorse mid. Holds any line you can put it on, from sweeping hyzers to gorgeous annies. Handles a decent headwind with enough hyzer, too, and is long for a mid. There is a bit of a learning curve to really dial in the amount of snap the disc requires, but once you get there, it is truly indispensable.

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