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Legacy Patriot

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The Patriot is a new understable fairway driver that is a great compliment to the Legacy line of discs. This disc brings outstanding control for slower arms and beginners.   For newer golfers looking for straight drives, the Patriot is a real winner. Legacy gives the Patriot flight ratings of 7/5/-2/1.

The Patriot is available in Legacy’s Icon plastic. This is a durable plastic with a better grip than Legacy’s Pinnacle plastic. It is very comparable with Innova Star plastic. The Patriot was released in February of 2013.

Here are the flight ratings and dimensions:

Legacy Patriot Fairway Driver

Patriot Dimensions

  • Diameter: 21.2cm (97.26% of average, 100.41% average Fairway)
  • Height: 1.8cm (92.67% of average, 107.55% average Fairway)
  • Rim Depth: 1.1cm (100.95% of average, 99.86% average Fairway)
  • Rim Width: 1.8cm (123.04% of average, 107.41% average Fairway)
  • Available Weights: 172-176g

Legacy Patriot Additional Information:

Primary Use:
Recommended Skill Level:
Plastic grade(s):
Possible Extras:

Turn: -
Fade: Flight Rating: //-/

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Disc Reviews

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9 Reviews

  1. Gio Danforth
    Reviewer, L2

    I have a 175 Yellow Icon Patriot and this is without a doubt the most controlled and versatile fairway driver I have throw. By manipulating the amount of hyzer you put on it you can get everything from huge sweeping hyzers to hyzer flips to turnovers and anhyzers. You can really crank it on a hyzer and get it to flip out to 400 feet, which is just awesome to watch. I like that it can cover such a large degree of lines because this disc gives me a lot of control and I like that I don’t have to disc up from it on most courses.

  2. Tricia Lafferty
    Review Lover, L6

    My disc is a yellow opaque 171g. The plastic doesn’t really seem like anything special to me. It kind of feels like a stiffer more shiny DX. I see other reviewers compare this disc to a Leopard, but I don’t really feel the same way. I have a DX Leopard that I love and throw really well, and I couldn’t get the same result with this disc. I have been playing about 9 months, and it could possibly be the way I am throwing it. It seemed like no matter how I threw it, it would always have a steep dive left and right into the ground. I feel like it should have been flying further than it was. I tried dialing back power, more power, snap (which I finally figured out how to do), but nothing was working for me. I’ll probably put this into my storage box and give it a try again in a few months.
    I would say this isn’t a beginner friendly disc.

    • Nate Thompson
      Review Participant, L1

      I had the same exact experiences. I picked up the Rival and the Patriot at the same time. I went out to the course threw the Rival and saw the Teebird type flight it went about 315 feet. Then I threw the Patriot it went about 280 feet then made a crazy left turn and dove straight into the ground plus I saw absolutely no turn out of it. It did this every single time I threw it. I thought maybe its the way im throwing so I pulled out my Underworld and it flew perfectly out about 320 feet. I think I might just donate this disc but the Rival is a keeper.

      • Nate Thompson
        Review Participant, L1

        I picked up a flat Icon Patriot and it flew perfectly!! A great disc. Stay away from the domey Pinnacle Patriots!!

    • Trevor T
      Review Enthusiast, L3

      You might be throwing it with OAT (Off Axis Torque) causing it to “turn and burn”. In other words, you could be throwing it with your wrist slightly turned and that’s what’s causing it to turn and never come back, diving in to the ground. Try releasing it on a slight hyzer. That way it should flip flat and then do it’s business.

      • Jason
        Review Supporter, L4

        His problem was not that it turned and burned but that it didn’t turn at all and then faded hard into the ground. He had a very very (over) stable patriot instead of the nice gently understable disc a patriot should be. Hyzer would only make the problem worse. The best thing to do would probably be to just treat the disc like a straight/stable fairway and call it a happy day. It may eventually break into the understable goodness we love from the patriot

  3. Trevor
    Review Supporter, L4

    This baby is a sweet disc from the Ricos. I think of it as a leopard with more glide if that’s even possible. Thrown hyzer they flip flat and cruise forever, and when thrown flat it turns for nearly the whole flight and then flexes out at the very end.

  4. Doug
    Review Extroadinaire, L11

    I have a 175 Icon Patriot. Everyone else seems to throw this disc good, but me. I did throw one good with this disc today, but I can’t hyzer flip it correctly. I guess some more throws with it will help out and maybe I’ll end up liking it in the future. It does seem to go pretty far for a fairway driver, though!

  5. Do you like Leopards? Good. Then the Patriot is for you. Normally I go very in-depth with my reviews, but this one is simple: The Patriot is a Leopard. Same feel, same profile, same flight path.

    The Patriot is a great hyzer flip disc. After about 15 throws in a field, I was doing nothing but hyzer flips with it. Put some good hyzer on it, and it will flip flat for a nice long, straight flight with minimal fade. It also holds anny lines very nicely. It won’t skip away on you, either.

    The plastic is nice and grippy, and the stamp rocks! Enjoy.

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