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Latitude 64 Stiletto

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Most Overstable Latitude 64 Driver. Flight ratings 13/2/+1/6

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Disc Information

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The new Latitude 64 Stiletto is said to be the most overstable Latitude 64 disc that will ever be made. It’s initial flight ratings indicate a turn of positive 1, and a fade of 6! Designed to help professional players in the most windy conditions, this disc eats wind for breakfast. If the Trident and XXX aren’t overstable enough for you, try out the Stiletto. This disc is much faster, and according to Latitude 64, “will slice through anything”.

The initial release of the Stilleto will be in both Opto and Gold Line plastics.

Here are the estimated dimensions and flight path.

Latitude 64 Stiletto

Latitude 64 Stiletto Dimensions

  • Diameter: 21.5cm
  • Height: 1.5cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.1cm
  • Rim Width: 2.3cm
  • Max Weight: 175g

Latitude 64 Stiletto Additional Information:

Primary Use:
Recommended Skill Level:
Plastic grade(s): ,
Possible Extras:

Turn: -
Fade: Flight Rating: //-/

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15 Reviews

  1. Greg
    Review Participant, L1


  2. Jason Harper
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    I can use this disc on nearly any basket on my home course or anything 330 feet or shorter. All I have to do is adjust the amount of anhyzer. This same fact hold true in the wind or without it. It does so much work for my RHFH that I could call it my go to disc. I often choose to throw less stable discs just to ease my arms use but the ease at which this can gain feet makes that argument somewhat invalid.

    Easily a favorite of mine. It’s next of kin is Prodigy’s X-1. They are both rocket fast and fly much farther then the stability suggests.

  3. JB
    Review Fanatic, L5

    I carry 3 stilettos in my bag all gold line but different weights. This disc is a meat hook don’t think you’re gonna pick up this disc and throw it 400ft…just not gonna happen but if you want a disc that will not flip over in the strongest headwinds grab a stiletto…I’ve personally thrown with 45mph gusts and it ALWAYS finishes left…where this disc really excels is flicks, big hyzers, and skip shots…this is my go to utility disc flick it out there and let it skip up to the basket. Now i have seen a beat in stiletto be thrown over 350ft by a guy i throw with but will always finish left. Great disc that is the most overstable disc you can find.

  4. Moose
    Review Elite, L9

    This is a wicked disc, nice hand feel like an XCal with a bigger rim. Comes out smooth but you probably won’t get max D with it. It’ll beat head and crosswinds though and can pull off some amazing flex bombs. I got it up to 400 on an anny flick and it was very reliable and accurate.

    The Opto plastic is like a cross between Campion and 400 just a little grippy but not fingerprinty. Like the feel it’s very durable as well.

    Not as flat a top as I’d ideally like but it’s a very good disc.

    Probably not going to be my main driver, but still a good one.

  5. Declan Murphy

    I’m not sure why people complain about the distance they can (or rather, can’t) get out of this disc. I use this strictly for spike hyzers and low rhfh skip shots. I don’t throw overhand so this disc isn’t good for much else for me unless I’ve got a big wind in my face. But if massive winds are a problem, or you’re looking for something to launch way up there on a hyzer, this disc would be my first suggestion

  6. Kyle McNeely
    Review Supporter, L4

    I kid you not, this thing hooks so hard that I noticed the disc making a line for my hand when I threw it. It wants to fade hard.

    Here’s the deal…
    Need to fight wind? Get it
    Need to hang hard turns with forehand or backhand? Get it
    Want more distance? Do not get it

    It’s goofy overstable. If you can find a place for it, awesome. For me, I just don’t really need it, so it’s retired for now.

    In saying that, it’s an enjoyable disc that is very fun to throw

  7. Everett
    Review Lover, L6

    The first thing that comes to mind when talking about the Stiletto is a video that was put out by DiscNation: (Sorry infinite, it’s just a rad video/song)

    I’ve got a 170g Gold Line Stiletto, and I’ll be honest, I was super stoked about this disc. I have a pretty big arm and have been known to air out some discs and really love the super over stable discs. One of my favorite and most consistent shots ever is to flex out (throw on a anyhzer angle RHBH) my Champion Ape and watch that beautiful S turn with a very healthy and consistent fade at the end. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a Stiletto and see what it took to turn that bad boy over.

    Enter the field test… I took this thing out and I huffed and I puffed and I almost cried a bit, but for the life of me, I could barely, and I mean BARELY get this monster to turn over, then immediately pull out of the flex and proceed to kamikaze dive bomb the poor unsuspecting grass. I mean all that’s been said about this disc being one of the most over stable discs on the market are absolutely true.

    With all this being the case this disc is a good utility disc. I say ‘good instead of ‘great’ because it is so fast. For me a great utility disc is one that is fast, but not too fast and very overstable. I have great luck with thumbers or tomahawks with discs like a Banshee or Xcaliber, Xcal being on the faster side, becuase I get enough spin on them to flip and glide down. With the Stiletto I have a hard time getting enough spin on it to respond well to the thumber or tommy. It does make a good flick disc and if you can get it low enough to the ground with enough speed, great skip shots. Not to mention if you need something that will ALWAYS be true in a head wind.

    Over all I would really only recommend this disc to the avid collector of all things Swedish disc golf, one who is in need of a fast utility disc, or a pro with a heavy arm that can shape shots with this disc. Otherwise skip out on this one and get an Ape, Xcal, Boss, or Giant instead.


    Yowza. This thing is exactly as advertised. Think of the most overstable disc you’ve ever thrown..Flick? Gator? Viper? Firebird? Phenix? Max? XCal? This outdoes them all. Honestly, this outdoes them to the point of being near useless. I say “near” useless…not utterly useless. For those claiming to get 475 feet out of this thing…I call that into question. This is not a distance driver like you’re used to; nor is it even meant to be. This disc serves one purpose and one purpose only: BEEFY MEATHOOK.

    To start with, I have the Stiletto in 168g Opto. I was briefly on a Gold Line kick, but honestly you just can’t beat Opto for plastic blends. It’s grippy, slightly gummy and just looks beautiful. No other company can match it. It feels so perfect in the hand…almost like it’s meant to be there. Getting this in a slightly lower weight than I usually throw actually works because it makes my Stiletto a little more malleable. I love it.

    Gadzooks, look out when you throw this thing! I took it to the field, as I do with all new discs, and gave it a workout. I first through it flat at about 80 percent power. it flew straight for all of 100 feet before cranking hard to the left (RHBH) and diving for the dirt. I have never in my life (and I’ve been throwing discs for over 20 years) see a disc fade so hard. It actually flipped on it’s side and dove. It turned into a right-side roller! I have never seen was insane how hard this thing faded. A note on overstabilty: the more overstable a disc is, the harder it is going to try and reach the ground. An understable disc wants to stay aloft, an OS disc craves the ground. I threw this disc ont he steepest anhyzers my body would allow and it fought out everytime. Even on a full body twist anny it fought out for a 300 foot s-curve shot. I even threw it on a few hyzers and I’m not sure how I lived through it…at one point a portal opened up and I tumbled into Narnia and met Mr. Tumnus and the Black Queen for some Turkish Delight.

    I’m not a real sidearm thrower, and for such a purpose I usually use my Anthon Tour Series Destroyer. I threw a few sidearms the Stiletto’s way and even with my janky form I was able to stretch it to about 325 with a nice s-curve. Keep in mind, I don’t use “internet distance” this is actual, measurable distanc eon a soccer field with a laser range finder. Finally, I gave it as much full power torqued out gas I could muster and got the Stilleto out to about 350. Far short of my max distances with my other two distance drivers, the Destroyer and the Tern. I can get my fairways out to 350. The Stiletto also has a shocking lack of glide considering its a Latitude 64 disc.

    I played two rounds today for tags and I used the Stiletto exactly twice. On the same hole (Hole 3 of the Dragon’s Lair here in Korea) a 300 foot downhill shot. There is massive brush and trees in the way with no clear window. There is a wall behind the pin that acts as a backstop. if there was a window, most people would throw a putter or a mid. As of right now, most of use throw a wide-rimmed driver just to punch through the nonsense in front of you. A good rip can put you past the pin. I knew it was the Stilettos time to shine. Both rounds it ripped and tore through the brush like a chainsaw and parked right next to the pin. The 2nd round it hit the wall with insane speed. Of course, it knocked no stability out of the disc and the Opto proved it’s durability by not chunking at all.

    For now, the Stiletto is in the bag for those gnarly doglegs or when I need a crazy skip shot. But I don’t see this disc coming out too often. It is very much a specialty disc…proceed with caution.


  9. Neil

    I freaking love this disk. Im ex baseball player with a 85- mile an arm and its the first disk ive had where i can full on baseball throw it and it goes 475ish with the same flight path every time… Dont have the arm to whip it rhbh yet, but baseball throw fore hand with an anny i can throw this disk for miles and hit a blade of grass… Sooooooo consistent… Wont flip.. So awesome.. Love latitude plastic. Smooth but grippy.. This, tthe river and the saint are my favorite disk in my bag right now… Take a beating in both opto and gold. Wasnt even gonna buy the suck but I fell in love with the rim when i picked it up.. Mine is a 175 g but feels lighter… This disk needs space but ive had luck lately throw it low anhyzer and being able to thread it.. The flight is just so consistent… Buy it and try it if you have a big arm cause this thing is way less finicky than other big bombers.. Plus all the latitude bright color look amazing stay looking new for a long time and are super easy to find.. Everyone always notices their looks out of all the disks i have…

  10. Alan
    Review Grand Master, L13

    The Stilleto is what it says it is — a fast, very overstable driver. With my power, attempting to throw this thing back hand is a joke. Minimal distance with a huge hyzer fade.

    I love Latitude 64 Opto Line plastic and this disc looks and feels good.

    I was amazed at how far I was able to throw this disc forehand. By chucking it as hard as I could with a high throw at a huge anhyzer angle, I was probably able to throw the Stilleto about 350 feet.

    In my opinion, every disc golfer needs a super overstable driver. This is at least as good as any other.

  11. Landon Lockhart
    Review Extroadinaire, L11

    I’d say Kirks review is spot on. I took my Stilleto out to the course and field today and I Love it, it is definitly overstable, but to me, it’s not ridiculously overstable. It’s just what you want. It has some sweet glide, it really bombs, and it seems like it flies with ease. It kind of like the xxx except its longer and you can really put the heat on it, I ripped a forehand pretty hard and it went dead straight 400. It turned a little and then finished on a predictable fade that landed pretty much dead straight in front of me. To me a Nuke OS is a little stupid overstable. The Stilleto is just what you are looking for if you need a long flick or backhand that will always finish with a reliable fade.

  12. Kirk
    Review Nut, L7

    To me the Stiletto is the Flick, but with so much more ease. If I want distance out of the flick, I really have to crank it. Distance with the Stiletto? Easy. Beautiful monster fades, and super reliable. Put plenty of anhyzer on it, and watch it have a steady fade the entire flight. Instantly earned a spot in the bag.

    • Landon Lockhart
      Review Extroadinaire, L11

      I want one of these. How would you compare it to a nuke OS?

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