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Innova Foxbat

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If you’ve always wanted to see a fox fly like a bat, this is your chance!

The all new Innova Foxbat Star Glider is a midrange disc that is supposed to fly as straight as a bat (or maybe an arrow as bats don’t fly very straight), pardon our jokes. In seriousness, this is a wide diameter midrange with exceptional glide. Innova is so confident with the glide, they stamped a 6 on it’s glide rating – something you don’t typically see from a midrange disc.

For new disc golfers, the Foxbat will be really easy to throw straight– overcoming a common frustration for newcomers to the sport. For more experienced disc golfers, this mid will be ideal for long turnover shots that need to stay “turned over.” The Foxbat is available a in premium Star plastic. The flight ratings for this disc are: 5/6/-1/0. This is one of only a handful of midrange discs that have a fade rating of just 0.

The description of this new disc give it characteristics that meet many disc golfers wish list.

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8 Reviews

  1. World Eater
    Review Fanatic, L5

    180 Star/GStar Foxbat.

    Very domey. Mine is green with rainbow proto stamp and looks swirled like GStar plastic even though it is marked Star. It feels like something in between Star and GStar.

    This is the most unique disc I own. It acts different and requires a different throw than anything else.

    If I throw this flat, a little nose up and hard I get a big sweeping right turn. Overpower it or anny it and it will turn and burn.

    Hyzer flip this (I had to use a severe hyzer) and rip it, and it will pop up and fly far and straight with zero fade left (people say that but Ive never seen anything NOT fade like this thing.)

    I dont have a good turnover disc, so this is my new RHBH right turn disc for now. It requires such a different throw to control Im not sure whether I’ll use it much beyond that.

    Oh ya, if you want to learn to control your OAT on mid throws, this disc really susceptible and therefor makes good practice eliminating it.

  2. JustBob
    Review Supporter, L4

    They should have called this disc the “VALET”. You’ll park it next to the hole all day long. Don’t over think this disc flat and at the basket. Foxbat has very slight turn to right and less fade back. Great disc when you need a dead straight shot. It hard to made the Foxbat fade, even throwing a high float just falls flat. If you are looking for a disc that will take strokes off your game the Foxbat is the disc.

  3. I had a lot of fun with this disc at a local pitch and putt course (14 of 18 holes are from 220-270 feet). Innova’s flight numbers match the disc’s performance pretty well. It’s difficult to get a hyzer out of this disc, it just wants to flip to flat. If you throw it flat, it has a graceful anhyzer turn. Throwing it with too much power didn’t make it flip and spike into the ground, it just flattens out into a tighter glidey right turn and hits flat and skids (I read somewhere that it was intended to be thrown at about 60% power).

    The one use I can see for this disc is for those situations where you want a disc to hit the ground flat and skid forward. I was parking a lot of shots that way, and clearing the tree gaps with some low power hyzer flip shots.

    I’d compare this to a Discraft Meteor for the types of shots I would use it for, but that disc can be thrown harder and has some fade when you want it — I couldn’t get any low speed fade out of the Foxbat. Foxbat also has a pretty deep putter-like inner rim, but with a sharp tapered nose. It’s a good thing it’s in Star plastic because the tree hits it will be getting on the window shots I’ll be using for would dull the edge pretty quick otherwise.

  4. Alan
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    I have had this Disk for only for a week and and this baby just floats and goes with minimal effort. I think I found my new permanent midrange for a while.

  5. Josh
    Reviewer, L2

    What. Is. A. Foxbat. Why? Have they run out of names?

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