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Hyzer Bomb Tank


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If you’re looking for a putter that flies like a Tank, reach for the Millennium/Hyzer Bomb Tank. This unique putt and approach disc has a broad flat profile and an extra wide thumb tack grip. The beefy rim of this disc gives it a solid feel that helps it stop like a tank. This is the ideal disc when you don’t want to overshoot, or skip past the basket.

When thrown with power, the Tank is a fairly straight flying disc with minimal glide. It may exhibit a slight degree of high speed turn followed by a very minimal end of flight fade.

Here is the estimated flight path and dimensions of the Hyzer Bomb Tank.

Hyzer Bomb Tank Putter

Hyzer Bomb Tank Dimensions

  • Diameter: 21.2cm
  • Height: 2cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.3cm
  • Rim Width: .9cm
  • Weights: 176g

Hyzer Bomb Tank Additional Information:

Primary Use:
Recommended Skill Level:
Plastic grade(s):
Possible Extras:

Turn: -
Fade: Flight Rating: //-/

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4 Reviews

  1. TJ

    I bought one of these hoping to find a putter that resisted wind and went laser straight. While it does resist wind to a moderate degree, it is not as resistant as I expected. This disc does not throw well on approaches as it has issues at any speeds higher than putting for me.

    I have also noticed it seems to bounce off chains and off the basket more than my other soft putters. I will be giving this one a few more weeks in the Spring to prove itself, but for now I’m underwhelmed with it.

  2. Jared Wuollet
    Review Supporter, L4

    I disagree with the flight chart. Very straight flier with predictable fade. Great feel and grippy plastic. Fantastic disc.

    5 Stars.

  3. mike kurtz
    Review Supporter, L4

    my 175 pink tank is fast and has a very accurate and predictable fade at the end of its flight . I had one bounce into an innova basket rattle around without hitting chains and bounce out. The reason i bring this up is that i have an original tank and the plastic when hitting the chains would just “melt” into the chains. I was hoping that this new tank would have similar gummy plastic but was not surprised that it didn’t and still am amped about the purchase of this disc. And yes i too use this for short approach’s and putts into the wind with great success. I endorse this disc with no reservations

  4. Oh boy…

    I was chomping at the bit to get this disc. Most of you young’uns won’t recall the glory days of Ching Tanks….but I do. I’ll skip the history lessons on Ching and Millennium and Innova and HyzerBomb. Just know that HyzerBomb is to Millennium what Millennium is to Innova. And Ching now makes joke discs. But the Tank is resurrected! And in a big way. Oh boy did HyzerBomb deliver on this tasty piece of joy.

    For the uninitiated, the Tank is more or less a beadless Rhyno. Same Thumbtrac, same rim, same flight plate. But it is actually more stable in the front end, with slightly less fade. This means that the Tank resists turn more on release, and is more forgiving of slight throwing errors. Still, it’s not a great beginners disc for one reason: NO GLIDE. I mean none. Think you’ve thrown a glideless disc before? Not on your life, kemosabe. You will throw the Tank when you are making that juicy ace run that you must not blow past. Driving with the Tank is money. It eats wind for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Give it a lot of power and a little height and it will cruise right towards those chains, believe you me.

    You may wonder why I’m not talking about how this putter actually PUTTS. There’s a reason for that. While the Tank does putt just like a Rhyno (overstable, great headwind putter) it feels slightly awkward in the hand. I’m not sure exactly why that is. Rhynos feel great in the hand, but the Tanks beadless rim just makes it weird for a fan grip. If you can get over it, or you have differently shaped hands, it might be money for you. It’s great for windy upshots and approaches.

    A note on the plastic: I’m not sure what this blend is, but it feels markedly different than anything else that Innova or Millennium currently runs. It sort of feels like flexy R-Pro, but chalky as well. The disc molded up super-duper flat, which is awesome. Feels great. Good grip when dry or wet.

    So all in all, the Tank is a fantastic driving putter and great for upshots and windy approaches. It’s worth a purchase, and worth a try. I can easily find a spot for in my bag.

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