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Discraft Meteor

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As one of the understable midrange discs in Discraft’s lineup, the Meteor is great for controlled turnover throws. If you are right handed, throw backhand, and need a disc that is going to fly to the right, this is the disc you’re looking for. The Meteor will turn and glide giving beginners more control and distance.

The Meteor comes in premium ESP plastic. This is one of the best golf disc plastics on the market, providing superior grip and durability. The Meteor is available in weights between 167-178 grams. Lighter weight discs will turnover more easily.

Discraft Meteor

Meteor Dimensions

  • Diameter: 21.5cm (99.26% of average, 99.77% average Midrange)
  • Height: 2.0cm (99.65% of average, 101.46% average Midrange)
  • Rim Depth: 1.3cm (110.45% of average, 101.81% average Midrange)
  • Rim Width: 1.3cm (88.86%of average, 102.18% average Midrange)
  • Available Weights: 175-178g

Discraft Meteor Additional Information:

Primary Use:
Recommended Skill Level:
Plastic grade(s):
Possible Extras:

Turn: -
Fade: Flight Rating: //-/

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Disc Reviews

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15 Reviews

  1. Bob
    Review Supporter, L4

    great disc for older throwers, it’s my go to mid. I play with a lot of younger guys. so my short game and putting has to make up for lack of drive. the meteor levels the field for me.

  2. Ron
    Review Supporter, L4

    In my mids with buzz an hornet

  3. David Hyatt

    I originally bought this disc for my wife due to its under stability and found myself using it more and more often. Short finesse midrange shots is where this disc excels! It has a substantial amount of glide so a little effort will allow it to carry a long way. Too much power and it will turn over or you can hyper flip it with a smooth hyper finish. Absolutely love this disc, a must have for every player.

  4. RC
    Review Fanatic, L5

    Currently I’m throwing a new ESP Meteor, and I can’t believe I have gotten by without it. When thrown flat, the disc holds a moderately hard right turn (RHBH) with little fade at the end… this is great for me since I’m a terrible forehand thrower. You can also get the disc to flip up with a little hyzer, but I find you have to release it JUST RIGHT, otherwise it will hyzer off or turn on you. Normally I don’t have a hard time hyzer flipping discs and getting a nice long straight glide out of them, but this one is a bit of an exception… hard to flip it up straight.

  5. Duncan
    Review Lover, L6

    This is one of my go-to’s for the up shot. Holds a nice long float shot right up to the basket. You can release it high and let it travel a full s curve and flop right under the basket.

  6. Buggz Brown
    Review Supporter, L4

    Good disc, I use it in certain situations on a couple holes on my home course that need an anhyzer fade but run right next to a tree line. Very nice slight right fade with the softest left fade I’ve ever seen at the end of flight.

  7. Danny his Bodaciousness Perkins
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    The Meteor is a kick butt disc! By far the straightest flying disc on the market. Every other disc on the market has a big fade at the end of its flight, which is bad when straight is good, not bad. Which is where the meteor comes in, it flies straight and seems to just glide forever. This is the disc of choice for straight shots, or shots where a fade is bad,
    Get in the game, get Meteor.

  8. josh ledbetter
    Review Supporter, L4

    the best mid range in my bag, I carry 3 of different stages of wear, great for hyzer flips will glide 300+ feet. More beat in they are the more flippy they are, I use my most beat in for turn over shots that end with a nice smooth anhyzer fade. Everyone I get into disc golf I recommend a meteor and they love it instantly. If I could ever suggest one disc its the meteor

  9. Will Joyner
    Reviewer, L2

    Throw this level with some power and the meteor will hold a nice turnover line. Thrown with hyzer and the same amount of power, it will flip up and fly straight. The disc loves height and if given enough height, it will fade out of its turn.

    The esp meteor has more glide than the z or crystal meteors that are out there.

  10. josh thomas
    Reviewer, L2

    Great glide very stable and easy to throw! Great for beginners!

  11. Bryson James
    Review Supporter, L4

    This disc has amazing glide, control, and feel. This is my disc for approaches, and I hardly use anything else. Great disc!

  12. Rich Yarges
    Review Enthusiast, L3

    Love this disc. Perfect for Anhyzer shots.

  13. Alex Isotalo
    Review Supporter, L4

    Best for slower hand speeds, gentle touch shots and turnovers under 300′. Somewhat interchangeable with a comet, however the meteor is more stable and has less glide than the comet. If thrown hard it won’t hyzer out, but on softer turnovers it will hyzer back or land flat. Decent mold for a variety of midrange situations.

  14. Dan H.
    Review Supporter, L4

    I don’t know if anything will ever replace my Meteor. It’s a good hyzer flip disc and if you throw it a little slower it will keep a straight line and not fade much. It also has the glide to travel a lot farther that you would think. I throw right hand back hand a lot (RHBH) and when I need to make a right hand turn on an approach and I need something more accurate than a forehand flick shot, this is the disc I trust. Also a good disc for beginners.

  15. Nick Kohn
    Review Whiz, L8

    omg omg omg omg. hyzer flip this baby all day long! GLIDE!

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