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DGA Mach Lite

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The Mach Lite is the most portable of all of DGA’s baskets, and is the most premium of all portable baskets made. That’s why we have chosen to sell this basket over any other. The basket also most closely resembles an all-metal basket with disc capture area and height. While still lightweight, the chains on this are heavier than a typical portable basket, making this the most realistic portable disc golf basket on the market.

This basket is ideal for practice, leisure, and portable courses. We have priced this basket lower to make it more accessible for everyone, and with free shipping add some discs to your order to make this purchase the absolutely best value you can have in disc golf! Order 2 and take $5 off of your second basket.

  • PDGA Approved
  • Folding basket, base, and top
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • 16 heavy duty dual layer chains
  • Wide basket to catch discs
  • Patented sliding link and reflex chain technology
  • Durable carrying bag with shoulder strap

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4 Reviews

  1. Who doesn’t need to work on their putting? Simple answer: no one! Putting is a crucial part of the game…some would say THE most crucial part of the game. And that’s where having the Mach Lite will truly start to save you strokes. I own a Mach Lite and an Innova Skillshot and I can tell you hands down, I prefer the Mach Lite.

    First off, it’s durable. CRAZY durable. I am currently in South Korea for a year and had to have a lot of my personal effects shipped over. The Innova Skillshot was almost ruined, but the Mach Lite looks like I just got it.

    Second, is it’s portability. I laid out a course here in Korea and for a month before I got tone poles, I would pack up the Mach Lite and set in the pin position, moving it after I holed out. Its light and compact and not once did I get fatigued. Currently, I keep it in a corner of my small room with a stack of my favorite putters (Pures and Rhynos) and practice putting every single day.

    Third, and most strongly, it catches just like a regular permanent basket. Where the SkillShot, DGNomad and other portable baskets have one set of chains, the Mach Lite is double chained. This makes it ideal for temp courses….it’s even PDGA-approved for X-Class and C-Tiers! Don’t pass up this great deal. Get a MachLite for cheap here on Infinite, and improve your game!

  2. troy rugger
    Review Nut, L7

    Best investment any discer can get. This will give u all the practice capabilities from putts to drives u will ever need. I take mine camping ,tailgating, and road trips. Ideal putting practice anywhere u are. 15 minutes in the yard/parking lot everyday should drop strokes from everyones game. This super easliy transported and setup basket should be a must for any semi serious player. And ive seen and thrown permanet baskets that arent half as good….. get one!

  3. Alan
    Review Grand Master, L13

    Our local league sets up temporary courses every week that include a variety of different portable baskets (Innova’s, M14, home made, crappy Costco baskets, Pacific Outdoors, etc.) Of the ultra portable baskets, the Mach Lite is by far the best of them. It looks good, and reacts more like a permanent basket than any of the other portable baskets. When it comes to premium portable baskets, this is the best.

    Now you could pay more for a portable version of the Mach 5 or something, and that will make a better actual basket, but for a basket that is easy to move, pack up, and store, you can’t beat this one.

  4. Kirk
    Review Nut, L7

    This basket is… so awesome!

    Storage: Fits anywhere just like a tent in it’s handy carrying bag.

    Weight: It is heavy enough to handle most of what you will toss at it. No, it is not 100 pounds of chains to catch your disc, don’t expect that. But for leisure play, it does better than any portable basket I’ve experienced.

    Capture Area: This is the most realistic match of any other portable basket which I’ve played with. For example, the Innova Traveler is awful. You have to throw the disc in more like a basketball for the Traveller, but the Mach Lite matches closely the dimensions of a typical PDGA approved basket.

    Portability: Porbably it’s biggest weakness is setup. It takes a few minutes the first time to figure it out. After that, you’re setting it up in 45 seconds, taking it down in 60 seconds. It’s a breeze.

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