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DGA Mach 14

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The Mach 14 is a lightweight all-metal basket which is portable and convenient. This basket is lightweight so it is easy to move, but without the cloth this basket is unlikely to be throttled by the wind.

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  1. RC
    Review Fanatic, L5

    I’ve had this basket for a few days, and overall I’d glad I bought it.

    The main draw is this basket is dirt cheap, and full-size. You’d expect the materials to feel that way, but the metal and chains are solid and make a nice sound when catching. The sound isn’t too loud either, which is nice (I had the basket about 100 feet outside of my home and my wife couldn’t hear it at all). The basket catches 90% of putts — putts in the upper right quadrant of the chains are likely to spit out and occasionally the basket will spit out putts that a higher quality basket would catch.

    The basket is really easy to assemble/disassemble and fits easily in the trunk of my compact car. It’s lightweight (28 lbs.) and portable.

    In the future I might install another set of interior chains to help with the catching issue, but otherwise if you’re on a budget this basket is an excellent choice.

    • RC
      Review Fanatic, L5

      Adding to my review: I’ve been taking this around quite a bit and it QUICKLY assembles/disassembles. Probably takes me a minute flat to break it down or put it back up. It is 5 pieces (base, basket, chains, and 2 poles). Still loving it but wishing it had a few more chains.

  2. Alan
    Review Grand Master, L13

    The Mach 14 is my main practice basket. It’s not perfect, but it catches about 97% of my good puts. If you hit the pocket just slightly right of the pole, it catches nearly every time. The nice thing about the Mach 14 compared to other metal practice baskets (besides the fact that it is really inexpensive) is that it is super light, about half the weight of other baskets. This portable basket is really easy to take apart, fits in the trunk of your compact car in four pieces that take up only the space of the bottom catching part. This DGA basket is also really quick to assemble back together again and usually takes me less than a minute.

    This DGA mach 14 is good for use both as a practice basket and a portable one for temporary courses.

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