Best Overstable Drivers

Best Overstable Distance Drivers

Very few meat-hook, super overstable discs received enough ratings to qualify for our top rated discs. The Discraft Flick and Crush were highest rated among these. According to our reviewers, the best overstable distance drivers include the popular Innova Destroyer, Innova Wraith, and Discraft Surge.


Feedback & Reviews on the Westside Sword:

Heavy VIP Swords will be quite stable. The Sword is a workhorse type control/distance driver. It does not have the biggest wing but is capable of very good distance, both FH and BH. Decent high speed stability without being overly low speed stable. An excellent distance driver choice for straighter shots for those who don’t have the power for the Speed 13/14 discs

- Mark

A great distance/control driver. I consider it to be both, as it has glide for days, fights wind, and will bomb as far as you can throw it. I also appreciate the consistency and control it provides. I’m throwing a VIP Sword further than any of my Destroyers, and I think this is due to the glide. Work in the disc, and watch it flex or hold any line you want it to. This disc instantly made my bag, and now is kicking out my beloved Destros.

- David

Feedback & Reviews on the Innova Wraith:

My favorite distance driver so far. I use it mainly for RHFH shots and have pulled off many eagles and double eagles because of its accuracy. All I do is give it some power and a solid throw and I’m set to go.

- Dylan

Never could throw a wraith backhand. It didn’t feel good in my hand but that is just a personal thing. Very accurate for me on side arm. I could pick out a blade of grass 300 to 315 feet away to hit. Was my go-to sidearm till I beat it too much. Now is my friends go-to backhand disc.

- Reuben

Feedback & Reviews on the Discraft Surge:

The Surge was one of the first drivers I really bonded with and it has stayed in my bag a long time. It’s fast with a good amount of glide and probably the perfect blend of turn and fade for most skill levels.

- Dan

Everyone has that one disc that they absolutely love, whether it’s a putter, mid, fairway or driver. The Surge however…. Is mine! There is no disc that I feel more comfortable with in my bag. This thing is everything I want in a driver. New ones are overstable, broken in ones are a little bit flippy, and beat in ones are really flippy.

- Kyle

Feedback & Reviews on the Discraft Flick:

The Flick is a great disc I got one used already and love it. At first I had some problems with it fading on me right away. But I have since learned to give it a little anhyzer so it can then turn flat and hyzer for max distance. It’s a great disc and has helped me out in various scenarios in which other discs would have not helped me out as much as I needed.

- Dylan

It is so flat, that is makes a great forehand roller. The weight is really centered over the rim, so it stays upright for a long time. This also makes it a long thumber disc. It has a lot of forward flight before it flips. Try it.

- Clayton

Feedback & Reviews on the Innova Destroyer:

My go-to distance driver for anything in the 400-550′ range. Initially an intimidating mold, but once you have the arm, I have found no more reliable disc. Think of it like Charizard from the Pokemon series: if you aren’t a high enough level, destroyers will never obey you. But once you meet the requirements, they’ll be your best friend.

- Sam

Simply the best disc in my bag. I go to it for almost every drive over 280 or so and even find myself using it when I shouldn’t for shorter shots. Consistent. Distance. No matter the conditions.

- Rakoz

1 Review

  1. the best highly overstable driver i own is the firebird from innova. it is a must have for strong headwinds. i have thrown it into 25 plus mph winds with extreme consistency. 5 star disc

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